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This Week In San Antonio Spurs Basketball: The One And Only Edition


Just in case you're curious, we're still sticking to the one TWSS post per week strategy.

This was a pretty active week for us, considering Bowen's retirement and Robinson's Hall of Fame induction. An all-you-can-click link feast, great music, videos, photos, quotes, the meaning of life - all that and more, after the jump.

The Music

The first two choices are jollyorogerwilco's. The third one is rikkido's. The next two are mine. I apologize for my choices.

The Lennings - "You're The One That I Want"
Good version.

Amazing Bass Guitar Player

Jesus? That you?

Boris approves.

Radio Friendly Song

Not safe for work. If you're offended by curses and insults, please don't watch this.

Batman the musical



Bowen Forever

Thanks to janie for the photo, I hope she doesn't mind that I used it for this. Bruce Bowen Announces Retirement From Basketball
Video from his press conference, and the official announcement.

Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: Long Live The Defensive Specialist: Bruce Bowen Retires As The Quintessential Spur
Bruce Bowen is retiring. Let's remember how important he was to the Spurs.

Pounding The Rock: My photos of Bowen - He will be missed!
janieannie shares some of her photos of Bowen. You should take a look.

48 Minutes of Hell: 48MoH’s Greatest Hits: The Bowen Collection
The folks over at 48MoH have written about Bruce quite a bit.

Rec_medium48 Minutes of Hell: A Number Never to be Worn Again

48 Minutes of Hell: Bruce Bowen as Role Model
"Great defense is sublimation. According to current measures it’s only vaguely quantifiable, but it elevates the game of basketball. It takes takes basketball to a place of beauty. Bruce Bowen was beautiful to watch."

Project Spurs: Number 12
Jeff García wants the Spurs to retire Bowen's jersey.

Project Spurs: Was Bruce Bowen A Dirty Player?

Spurs Basketball: Bruce Bowen will remain a SPUR... at heart...
"Getting to the NBA is not easy, sticking to an NBA team proved to be even harder. But with hard work, faith, dedication and perseverance you might be able to pull through." On Bruce Bowen and Retired Numbers
So is it ridiculous for someone with Bowen's stats to have his number retired? Zach Lowe has the answer.

Rec_mediumBasketball Prospectus: Bowen Retires
"I would also say Bowen brought a certain level of attention to the unglamorous work of defensive stoppers. Bowen wasn’t the first player to gain accolades for individual perimeter defense, and he won’t be the last." HT: TrueHoop

MySA: Bruce Bowen retires from NBA
He made the formal announcement Thursday afternoon.

MySA: Bowen sells No. 12, and Spurs should buy
Buck Harvey says: "Not everyone calls a press conference to say it’s over. Sean Elliott, for example, didn’t. But not everyone took public relations classes at UTSA during an NBA season."
Guess what this site is about. Hat tip to Project Spurs.

Valley of the Suns: Suns foes: Bye bye Bowen
"Bruce Bowen has finally retired, but it came about five years too late. Bowen is just one of the many villains Suns fans have encountered over the years."

NBA FanHouse: Few Tears for Bruce Bowen's Retirement
"The Rash is gone." Bite me.

OneManFastBreak: Bruce Bowen: Hard-nosed or dirty?
Hard-nosed. See how simply I answer all of these questions?



Everything Black, Silver And White

Rec_medium48 Minutes of Hell: Sham on the Spurs’ Cap
Sham from Sham Sports guest writes at 48 Minutes of Hell. If you want to learn about the Spurs' cap situation, this is a must-read.

Project Spurs: Parker's Top 5 Games
David Thiessen writes his list.

Project Spurs: Ginobili's Top 5 Games
Now we're talking.

Rec_mediumProject Spurs: The Ultimate Spurs Man Cave
Can I have on of those? (And by "one of those" I meant the famous woman in Spurs gear, of course.)

MySA: Brown, Gervin to present 'Admiral' to Hall
"When David Robinson is inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Game next week, he will be accompanied by Larry Brown, his first Spurs coach, and George Gervin, the only other Spurs player in the Hall of Fame."

Rec_mediumMySA: Admiral anchored a franchise
Monroe: "It is nearly impossible to overstate the impact David Maurice Robinson had on the sports landscape of South Texas, but it is simple to try. Imagine San Antonio without the Spurs."

MySA: Robinson's bad luck led to Spurs' success
"Six years after retiring from the NBA, David Robinson is riding high again, headed for induction on Sept. 11 into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame." Robinson: Press Conference at Carver Academy (Pt. 1)
The Admiral, always a class act. Here's part 2. Robinson has reshaped the world, on and off the court
"Folded into a chair not made for an adult, much less one standing 7-foot-1, David Robinson is completely at ease. Perhaps more so than at any time during an astonishing NBA career that redefined the center position and the position athletes have within their communities."

Dime: Who’s Better: Chris Paul or Tony Parker?



This Week In Pounding the Rock

Pounding The Rock: Brazil vs. Uruguay - FIBA Americas 2009 Game Thread
Brazil won, and you commented it here first. Or not.

Pounding The Rock: Silver Stars Vs Lynx Game Thread
The Stars need to win now if they want to make the playoffs.

Pounding The Rock: Silver Stars Vs Sparks Game Thread
4 games left in the regular season, and the Stars need every single one of them.

Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: Back to Backs Analysis: Should Spurs Fans Worry?
Fred Silva exorcises some demons regarding the dreaded back-to-backs.

Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: Get To Know Your New Spurs #5: Marcus Haislip
Yet another installment in silverandblack_davis' ongoing series in which he presents the new additions to our rosters. Don't miss his tat-o-scope!

Pounding The Rock: Hack Recaps: Silver Stars Are Clutch
Two wins for the Silver Stars, and suddenly the playoffs are within reach.



Around SB Nation

The Dream Shake: Barry on the move?
Brent Barry might get traded.

The Dream Shake: It's Official: Pops is a Rocket
So long, Pops, and thanks for all the dreams.

The Dream Shake: What to make of Yao Ming's encouraging results
Good luck, big fella.

Motown String Music: The Pistons are, Without a Doubt, a Playoff Team
"Charlie Villaneuva says there is no doubt that the Pistons are a playoff team." O RLY?

Rec_mediumBright Side Of The Sun: The unofficially official Phoenix Suns comic strip
"Amare Stoudemire aka Sun Tzu has to wear eye protection the rest of his career. Box n' 1 - the unofficially official Phoenix Suns comic strip - has a sneak peak at Amare's newest accessory." I love these.

Bright Side Of The Sun: DeWanna Bonner: Rookie of the Year
"The case for Phoenix Mercury DeWanna Bonner to win Rookie of the Year."

Rec_mediumBright Side Of The Sun: Love or not to Love, that is the question
"I attended the Mercury - Sun game last night in the spirit of giving a league that I've avoided a chance...could the WNBA win this non-fan over?"

Bright Side Of The Sun: DeWanna Bonner: Rookie of the Year
"The case for Phoenix Mercury DeWanna Bonner to win Rookie of the Year."

Rec_mediumBlazersedge: Anatomy of Portland Trail Blazers' offense in 2008-2009 season
Wow. Wow. Incredible fanpost. Someone please e-mail this to Pop.

Ridiculous Upside: Ridiculous Transactions: 8/22-8/30
"A look at transactions involving D-League players, players from this year's Summer League, and others from the past week."

Ridiculous Upside: D-Leaguers Participating in the NBA Asia Challenge
"A team made up of former NBA stars and current D-League players is heading to Asia later this week to play against fellow "legends" in South Korea and the Philippines, in what's being called the NBA Asia Challenge."

Ridiculous Upside: NBA/D-League Players fall to Korean All-Stars in First Game

Ridiculous Upside: Idaho Stampede Coaching Search Update
"A look at the finalists for the Idaho Stampede's head coaching vacancy."

Memphis Commercial Appeal: Allen Iverson plays waiting game with Grizzlies
"The Grizzlies remained Friday where they have been all summer with regard to Allen Iverson: in a holding pattern."

Rec_mediumThird Quarter Collapse: Create A Caption #28: Round 2
"The latest 3QC create-a-caption contest features Tiger Woods introducing himself to NBA referees Mike Callahan, Scott Foster, and Bennett Salvatore."

Rec_mediumBlog a Bull: Plays for Vinny to Consider - Part 1 - The High-Post PnR, "45"
We wouldn't use that play.

Peninsula is Mightier: The Heat still has some holes to fill; Allen Iverson, Tinsley still options
AI will plug that.

Denver Stiffs: The week that was (and how it impacts the future)...
"Who knew that a typically uneventful week in late August would produce so much Nuggets news that will test the team's character immediately."

Denver Stiffs: Birdman sports new ink in China
Please go to the comments section and check the Birdman's new beard. Awesome!

Rec_mediumGolden State Of Mind: Around the Association: 2009-2010 Dallas Mavericks: The Curse of the Dampier
The folks over at GSoM are analyzing their opponents, one by one. Like BlaseE does, but with a picture of Nowitski breaking a heart. Must read.



Even More Hoops

ESPN: NBA Summer Forecast: Western Conference champs
"Who will be crowned Western Conference champ in 2009-10? Our 53 panelists make their predictions."

ESPN: NBA Summer Forecast: West standings
"How will the 15 teams in the West stack up in 2009-10? Our 53 panelists predict their records."

ESPN: Houston Rockets' Yao Ming 'progressing well' from foot surgery
"Yao Ming's return from foot surgery might come sooner than anyone expected."

Hoopsworld: Top 6 Coaches for 2009-10
Guess who's number 2.

The Baseline: McGrady "Way, Way Ahead of Schedule"
Maybe the Rockets will contend? ...Nah.

NBA FanHouse: Handle With Care: Here's Your 'High-Maintenance' Starting Five
Are you sure you want Captain Jack?

Dime: Blasphemy
Jordan overrated?

Yahoo! Sports: Warriors' Stephen Jackson not likely moving to Mavericks
What's that, Cuban? Too expensive? Really?

Ball Don't Lie: Ron Artest and Auburn Hills beer thrower 'kiss and make up'
Ron Artest is a changed man now. Yeah... I believe that.

Rec_mediumBall Don't Lie: The top 10 NBA uniforms of the last 10 years
Damn good list, and the Spurs are in it, of course.

Rec_mediumFree Darko: East of Agitation?
"The WNBA markets itself, and arguably, survives as, a positive, family-friendly experience. There are about a billion things about gender and sexuality and stuff that can be said here, but to cut to the chase, you have to wonder if attitude is somehow at odds with this program."

Rec_mediumSlam: The NBA vs. Europe
...vs South America? No?

Rec_mediumSlam: Rip City Revival
A nice interview about the quick changes in the Blazers' reality.

The Boston Globe: Sorting fact from friction
"Jerry Krause was among the major factors in the success of the Chicago Bulls, building a team around Michael Jordan that would win six NBA championships. But Krause will not be going to Springfield for Jordan’s Basketball Hall of Fame induction this week, and not because of animosity toward Jordan."

The Wages of Wins Journal: The Squid that Saved Don Nelson
"If the Warriors can repeat their 2008-09 record this next season (and I think they could do much better), Don Nelson will become the career leader in regular season wins for a coach. And if that happens, Nelson will probably be elected to the Hall of Fame. Such an achievement suggests Nelson is an amazing coach. All of this success, though, can be traced back to " The Squid"." So you want to work in sports? Visiting the Gorilla Coordinator
Just in case you ever want to become a gorilla coordinator.

PBN: The Top 100
Tony Mejia likes to write lists.

FOX Sports: The best in the NBA -- at everything
The offseason hits Fox Sports. Hard.

Ball Don't Lie: Poorly disguised Nash joins Beijing pick-up game
Funny, but why isn't he playing for his national team? Are South Americans that much more dangerous than Chinese amateurs?

Yahoo! Sports: Rubio to stay in Spain for two more seasons
"Ricky Rubio is headed to Barcelona after the Timberwolves fail to reach buyout deal with his Spanish team."

Basketball Prospectus: No Rubio, No Problem
I'm so tired of reading about this kid.



Completely Off-Topic

AFP: Spoof moon landing story dupes Bangladeshi newspapers
And you thought Argentina was behind the times. (rikkido wrote this... I hate him.)

Rec_mediumGirlfriend Doesn't Realize Boyfriend is on Vacation

Multitask game
You're going to hate this game.

Do not eat the purple mushrooms
He knows what he's talking about.

Recital Meltdown
Kids are scary.

Shitmydadsays, the Twitter
We always knew this could happen.

Rec_mediumRob Huebel on Twitter's "Follow Friday"
As someone says, I want to aggressively make friends with this guy.

E-mail newsletter sweepstakes

Check out rule #3.

Barats and Bereta do it again.

Virtual keyboard

And yet I still can't write a melody.

People of WalMart
And here I buy at WalMart.

Rec_mediumPornstar or Potato?
I have a feeling this one will get me banned. It's completely NSFW, but keep playing, because it's worth it. You'll see.



Because Internet is Multimedia

Spurs Top 10 Plays of the 2009 Season
Finally, I'm able to embed them.

Rarely Seen Highlights of David Robinson
These weren't in my post from last week. So, uh, enjoy.

Game Time: San antonio Spurs David Robinson
The TNT crowd waxes poetic about the Admiral.

Michael Jordan: Highlights from Early in his Career
Hey, I'm a fan. Deal with it.

Dude Perfect - Summer Camp Edition
"Dude Perfect"? I feel like punching someone. POW! Right in the kisser.

1968 NCAA Final Ucla Bruins - North Carolina
Am I the only one who loves these old games?

Roger Mason JR - San Antonio Spurs
Check out Roger Mason's first experience in Baltimore at the lovely Edens Lounge.


Pics of the Week

Bowen and Pop
Those wonder years.


Manu and Fab-O
Too cool for words.


Jack Nicholson Enjoying New Center Court Seats

Via the Onion.


Ali G and Deron Williams
Via SLC Dunk.



Via Dwight's Twitter and TQC.


Doc River loves his team this year

Thanks, With Leather, thanks.


King James and New York

Thanks go to Tony.psd, from Golden State of Mind.



Quotes of the Week

Roger Mason: "I just finished my morning workout and broke the gym record. I made 51 three pointers in a row..."
Hipuks answers: "They should up the challenge a bit, and put a Mavericks player around somewhere."

Manu Ginobili: "Today, the first dunk in 5 months!! It felt so goooood! Starting to get better. Can't wait."


Hokay. That's it for this week, people. If you have any suggestions for us during the week, feel free to add them to the FanShots section, or paste them here.