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Silver Stars Vs Sparks Game Thread


So, the San Antonio Silver Stars have won two in a row, and are back in the last playoffs spot of the Western conference. There are only four games left in the regular season, and if they want to keep that spot, they need every victory they can get.

Directly above them in the standings? The Los Angeles Sparks, our opponents tonight. The Sparks, team of apparently the only superduperstars who can dunk in-game, Lisa Leslie and Candace Parker. This is the first of two consecutive games against the Sparks for the Silver Stars, and winning both would put them 3rd in the West and would mean facing Seattle instead of Phoenix in the conference semifinals. It's an important night.

If you don't root for the Stars tonight, you love Kobe. There, I said it. You're a big Kobe-lover. Your heart is yellow and purple. Hell, you like purple. That's the kind of person you are if you don't root for the gals tonight. Do you want to be that person?

Think about it, and join me for a hack preview, after the jump.

Game #31: San Antonio Silver Stars (13-17) Vs Los Angeles Sparks (15-15)




Becky Hammon


Betty Lennox
Edwige Lawson-Wade


DeLisha Milton-Jones
Ann Wauters


Lisa Leslie
Sophia Young


Candace Parker
Vickie Johnson


Tina Thompson


The Sparks started the season even worse than our Stars did. 5-10 in July had some "analysts" writing their obituaries, but then it turned out that giving birth can affect an athlete's performance, and Candace Parker slowly started regaining her mojo. Lisa Leslie, in the meantime, recovered from a right knee sprain and suddenly the Sparks remembered how to win.

They come from winning only 2-3 after a six-game winning streak that put the fear in me just a week ago, and if they win just one of their next 4 games they'll have secured a playoff berth. For the record, Tuesday's game between the Stars and the Sparks at LA will be "Lisa's Farewell Game". That's right, Lisa is retiring, and I'm sure the WNBA will be a bleaker place because it. Even complete WNBA ignoramus like me knew Lisa, and that's saying a lot.

I wouldn't mind meeting LA in the playoffs, because at least their top players match up against two of our top three players at the PF and C spots. I'm sure Wauters and Young will do their thing against Leslie and Parker, even if they don't quite match their production an a given night. And of course, I'll take Hammon over anyone Lennox any day.

We'll see. I'm interested in Vickie's performance, myself, because she was really great in our last game. If she's clicking and Sophia is healthy, we have a better-than-good chance tonight.

Official preview.


LAS 15-15 73.8 73.4 9-6 6-9 L1 7-3 0
SASS 13-17 77.4 79.3 9-6 4-11 W2 4-6 1

What went on before

The Silver Stars and the Sparks (so much glitter) have met twice this season so far, with a win for each team.

  • August 4 - SASS 63 @ LAS 59 - Recap - Boxscore

    The Stars won this one thanks to a strong 4th quarter and a good performance by Becky. Lisa Leslie was on the bench and Parker was still not in playing shape, though, so I'm not sure if you can draw any conclusions from this one. Still, a win is a win.
  • August 21 - SASS 66 Vs LAS 67 - Recap - Boxscore

    This was Sophia's game: 31 points, 7 rebounds (3 offensive) going head-to-head (I imagine) against Parker. I can't wait to see that matchup live next Tuesday (since it will actually be broadcast online by the omd%oa$ji&do@jofjheruf over at, and see how good Candace Parker really is behind all that hype. Becky's performance was subpar, we got jobbed in the last play of the game, and Wauters was AWOL again, as in the August 4th game - I wonder if I should be worried about her for tonight?

    Anyway, we were close, it could've gone either way, but we lost. Here are some highlights from that game:

How can I watch tonight's game?

As I've explained before, some games will be broadcast for free by If you're interested, follow this link and click on "live access". You'll have to sign up to first if you haven't already.

Unfortunately today's game will be audio only. The WNBA hates you. Check out your local channels, though, as it should be nationally televised. If you live abroad, too bad.

The game starts 7 PM, Spurs time. Be here! ...'cause I won't...