For those of us seeking entertainment till the start of the season

The great KA1Z3R has come to soothe the cries of those who crave entertainment in these few days before the birth of another hope filled Spurs basketball season.


Though I suppose these are really just some time killers, but I hope they help to quell some of the boredom.


The Amazing Story of Tarboy


Though this is from Newgrounds (aka the largest collection of animations, videos, flash games, and artwork on the internet) it is not an inappropriate video by any means. It's "T" rated for extremely mild violence. This is a video that I've watched 12 times over (it's only maybe 5 or 6 minutes long) and it's still the greatest amateur flash vid ever. It really looks like it was made by professionals for a major movie company.


If you live your life without ever watching this, then you have lived a very sad life.


Crush the Castle


Highly addictive game about destroying castle's with your catapult. Each castle presents a unique style and startegy to destroy it within the allotted amount of shots. It's a very simple physics system which allows for so many complicated castles. You can even build your own and play around with it. A sequel is in the works and the Players Pack is also available on Armor Games and Newgrounds which is just a set of about 20 or so player created castles. Needless to say, mine suck compared to theirs.

The Amazing Music of Atmosphere


Though I love metal and old-school hip-hop and despise modern rap with a passion, Atmosphere is simply mind-blowing. I love a lot of music, but Atmosphere is simply beyond all music on this Earth. This is quite simply the music of God, if God was a rapper. And no it's not about big-butted women or drugs, but about one man's life of hardships and of how the world really is.


Recommended songs:






In Her Music Box





Next time killer, The comedy stylings of Lewis Black. The funniest comedian ALIVE. RIP George Carlin, you'll always be #1. He's not a redneck dumbass like Larry the Cableguy, a redneck dumbass like Jeff Foxworthy; he's a very political man who will preach about just how stupid people today are.




Watch all six videos, and if you like him on Broadway, check out his "red, white, and screwed" tour vids.




My Myspace


Take a look at the profile and read my stuff, tells all about my epicness. Plus read my blog if you're really THAT bored. Which if you are, that's very sad.


Gamer Tonight Series


For all the vid game guys and gals out there, you'll find this a pretty funny series. It makes fun of all the genres of gaming and their various generic fans in the form of an interview show. From Fighter Gamer fan Ryuken Hadoken (awesome name), to Monster Trainer (Pokemon) June Snatchem, to Music Gamer (Guitar Hero, DDR) Rob Harley, the comical host Richard Farkas covers them all. A very cute and funny series. Also check out the Game-O-Verse series on there. It's a pretty clever series.




Well I hope that kills about..........2 hours of your waiting time. Now then, I'm off to listen to Atmosphere and watch Gamer Tonight hang with my clearly existent and not made-up girlfriend. =D

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