Updated Poll: Battier/Bell/Lee/Jackson

Training camp is here! Most of us are very, VERY excited to see our new look Spurs in action. Early season predictions are in, and as was expected, most analysts have our team finishing in second place in the West to they that we do not speak of.

Health is a must, and as it stands, we're good. There is no question that the Spurs have made some exciting and necessary changes to the roster this offseason, and yet the general consensus still seems to be that the we're one piece away from being the favorites to, at the very least, win the Western Conference Championship.

We, the PTR loyal, have our favorites as to who we think that final piece could be. We've discussed and mulled a few fun and exciting ways to pry the hard working, professional and defensive minded Shane Battier (6.4M in 08-09) from Houston. The smaller and defensive minded ex- Phoenix Sun and current Charlotte Bobcats guard Raja Bell ($5M in 08-09) has come up. Last week I proposed pursuing David Lee, who just re-signed for 7M with New York. And finally, there is the ever controversial Stephen Jackson, (7.1M in 09) and the remaining three years of his contract. We've driven this one into the ground. It is officially no secret to anyone who does not live in a cave that he does not want to play one more game for the Golden State Warriors, and has cited specifically one of the three Texas (his home state) teams as a favorite trade destination. But, would we like him back with the Spurs? Out of the four players above, who would you most like to see with the Spurs? How might you get him here?

(Here's a link to the Trade Machine, if you dare!)

Update: Cats' Bell may need wrist surgery.

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