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This Week In San Antonio Spurs Basketball: Calm Before the Storm Edition

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We're close now, guys, very close. Tomorrow the Spurs' training camp starts, and Wayne will be there to provide some insight into our team. In the meantime you have yet another TWSS post to keep you busy. News, music, links, pics, videos, and the alchemical formula to turn Matt into DeWanna, after the jump:

The Music

Tim C. makes his weekly picks:

jolly picked something that blew my mind. Rodrigo y Gabriela can play.

Let's start with mine. First Tommy Emmanuel's Classical Gas, because it has to make it to TWSS at some point.

Now Amy Winehouse, at her best.

Erm. This is called "F*** the Humans", by the incredible Brad Neely. Don't click on this if you're offended by the liberal use of curses.

And now I'll share with you one of my crushes. I was born one generation too late, and she's gone to us now, but we can still enjoy Amparo Ochoa's wonderful voice (subbed in English for you foreigners):

Onto serious blogging business.



Everything Black, Silver And White

Rec_medium48 Minutes of Hell: The Spurs/Toros Conundrum
Tim Varner wonders about the consequences of Bogan's signing: "The Spurs’ use of the Toros is not a stunt. Relative to the D-League, it’s a premier program that helps fringe NBA players–think Pops Mensah-Bonsu and DeMarcus Nelson–secure contracts with NBA teams."

48 Minutes of Hell: On D-League Replacement Referees
Tim Varner says: "So, in a few weeks, when Tim Duncan blasts an official with a faceful of disbelief, know that he’s just passing a little affection toward the ref. Like tripping the pretty girls at recess. Or so the union would have us believe."

48 Minutes of Hell: Jack McClinton as Beno Udrih
Revisiting the Udrih trade.

Rec_mediumProject Spurs: Hispanic Heritage Month: Blazing New Trails
"Michael A. De Leon celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with a look at past and current Hispanic players to wear the Spurs uniform."

Project Spurs: Top 5 Spurs Rivals
David Thiessen makes his list. Good picks.

Golden State Of Mind: Around the Association: 2009-2010 San Antonio Spurs: An Apple A Day...
GSoM previews the Spurs' season. I disagree, but hey, I'm biased. Spurs Add Curtis Jerrells And Dwayne Jones To Roster
"The San Antonio Spurs announced that they have signed guard Curtis Jerrells and forward/center Dwayne Jones." Spurs Waive Jack McClinton
"The San Antonio Spurs announced that they have waived guard Jack McClinton."

Sun-Sentinel: Jack McClinton in a familar situation
I'm going to miss McClinton's YouTubeness.

MySA: Spurs obtain journeyman guard Bogans
"Keith Bogans has agreed to a one-year deal worth the veteran’s minimum of $1.03 million to join the Spurs."

Rec_mediumBoth Teams Played Hard: The NBA Logo Ranking Project: #10 – San Antonio Spurs
Graydon Gordian from 48 Minutes of Hell does his part in ranking the NBA logos. I've been following this ranking, and some posts have been a hoot. Check it out.

Spurs Basketball: Tim Duncan: A Breed of His Own
Robby Lim loves Tim. One-on-One with Richard Jefferson
Meet "Princess Peanut". Spurs Named Sporting News Team of the Decade
Sporting News named the San Antonio Spurs the NBA team of the decade and Gregg Popovich NBA coach of the decade. Tim Duncan was named to the All-decade first team along with Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Shaquille ONeal. (Hey, olf, how did that feel?)



This Week In Pounding the Rock

Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: Get To Know Your New San Antonio Spurs #7: Keith Bogans
What can Spurs fans expect from Keith Bogans this season?

Pounding The Rock: WNBA Silver Stars Season Wrap-up: There Is No FSM
We say goodbye to our Silver Stars, who fought valiantly and managed to shake off some of that offseason sopor.

Pounding The Rock: Roster Roulette and the San Antonio Spurs
The Spurs have a very good problem, but it's still a problem. Who makes the team, and who gets left out?

Pounding The Rock: WNBA Playoffs Game 3: Silver Stars @ Mercury Game Thread
Our best game thread of the season came for the Stars' last game of the season. We had fun.

Pounding The Rock: WNBA Playoffs Game 2: Silver Stars @ Mercury Recap
"The Stars lost to the Mercury in game 2, and it wasn't pretty."

Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: Spurs make yet another move
Hipuks makes us laugh.



Around SB Nation

Blazersedge: Defensive Improvement
A discussion of the prospects for (and significance of) defensive improvement for the Portland Trail Blazers in the 2009-10 season. Also, proof that Blazer fans aren't as naive as SSOL Phoenix fans.

Blazersedge: Breaking Down the Udoka Invitation
"A breakdown of the Ime Udoka contract offer and its significance to the Portland Trail Blazers."

Rec_mediumBlazersedge: Da BOM (Blazer Optimist Manifesto)
More quality content about the Blazers in BE.

Rec_mediumBright Side Of The Sun: Introducing the SuperLuxury Tax because the Free Markets Don't Work and Democracy is Dead
ZonaFlash says: "I consider possible changes in the luxury tax in the wake of Mikhail Prokhorov's bid to join the nets. The luxury tax, instituted to provide some semblance of fairness, is actually counterproductive. Hard caps and floors are proposed."

Rec_mediumClips Nation: Suggested Clipper Ads
Well done - 10 times cooler than the actual Clippers.

Third Quarter Collapse: Create A Caption #31: Round 2
"The latest 3QC create-a-caption contest features Spike Lee and Tiger Woods conversing with each other before an NBA Finals game in Orlando." Not a fan of this one, but maybe it's just me.

Blog a Bull: Small Reasons the Bulls might be Great
"Might" is such an interesting word.

The Dream Shake: Yao Ming will sit out entire 2009-10 season
Yao is gone for the year... officially.

Rec_mediumStraight Outta Vancouver: Spoiler Alert: Houston Rockets Preview
This is part of a series of previews djturtleface is doing. I can't wait for his take on the Spurs, but in the meantime, check out what he had to say about the Rockets.

Peninsula is Mightier: As training camp approaches, Erik Spoelstra thinks there is a lot to be excited about with this years team
Like... Wade's YouTube clips?

Peninsula is Mightier: After 30 days in rehab, Michael Beasley could be coming home
Good to know.

Denver Stiffs: Why replacement refs might be a good thing...
There's always an optimist ready to ruin your day.

Ridiculous Upside: Training Camp Invite Round-Em-Up
A round-up of some recent NBA training camp invitations.

Ridiculous Upside: An Open Letter to Ed Stefanski
"An open letter to Philadelphia 76ers GM Ed Stefanski regarding his recent comments about the D-League."

Rec_mediumSwish Appeal: Mercury Advance to Finals as Leslie Graduates to Greatness
"The Phoenix Mercury defeated the LA Sparks to win the WNBA Western Conference Championship by a score of 85-74. The Mercury advance to face the Indian Fever in the WNBA Finals."

Rec_mediumSactown Royalty: Take Me To Your Leader
"The Sacramento Kings lack that one true "leader." Are they alone, or do other teams suffer from this as well?"

Sactown Royalty: In Which I Threaten to Steal Shock's Woman
I don't know what the heck this is about, but I want to.

Sactown Royalty: Doratio Kane and the Hummus of Horror Part One
These Sactown Royalty fellows know how to title their FanPosts.



Even More Hoops

ESPN: Los Angeles Sparks' Lisa Leslie retiring at the right time
"Lisa Leslie's final season fell short of adding a third WNBA championship, and the Sparks legend is content with her decision to retire. Those around her know she'll still impact the game for years to come." Players' love of the game sometimes breaks teams' hearts
Aschburner is wise. Cuban's a moron.

ESPN: NBA Basketball Power Rankings
Stein, why have you forsaken us?

NBA FanHouse: Meet the NBA's Replacement Referees
"The NBA has opened its training camp in New York for replacement officials, a group that includes 35 with experience in the NBA's Development League, six with WNBA experience and two that worked in the NBA before being fired in recent years."

NBA FanHouse: NBA Trying to 'Robotize' Its Referees
"Let's face it, one of the reasons the NBA is trying to push out some of its older officials is because of the perception that some of those older officials tend to view themselves as bigger than the game or that they interject themselves too much into the action." NBA, players differ on use of replacement refs
"The NBA's president of basketball operations is confident replacement officials would perform well if they are needed when games begin. The players aren't so sure."

Houston Chronicle: Morey signs to remain with Rockets through 2012-13
Good for the Uber Geek GM.

Rec_mediumTrueHoop: Up Three, Without the Ball: To Foul or Not? New Insight
"Many statistical experts feel that NBA coaches are too timid in intentionally fouling when their team is on defense, up three points, in the closing seconds of a game. It's an old coaching question. Now there's some new evidence to inform the debate."

Slam: Jackson asked Vujacic to cut his hair
As a commenter said: "Wow. We talking about hair. HAIR. Not basketball. HAIR!" Five burning questions facing Hawks
"The Hawks open training camp Tuesday with expectations soaring and plenty of lingering questions about just how good this team might be this season."

CelticsBlog: The Incredible Shrinking Big Baby
Do you want to read more about Big Baby? ...No? Okay then. A New Method for Evaluating Players, Part I: Rating Shooting Abilities
Pretty useful, I thought.

The Wages of Wins Journal: Two Perspectives on the Top 10 across the Past Decade
These guys need to come down to Earth.

Rec_mediumAlchemist Perspective: Touching the Hand of Basketball Jesus--the whole story
Just a nice story. Read and drop a comment, guys. Bulls’ Derrick Rose says he took SAT

A Stern Warning: 5 NBA Players You May Have Forgotten This Summer
New blog? New to me. Regardless: "Andrew Bogut, Monta Ellis, Devin Harris, Danny Granger and Kevin Martin are all NBA stars that you may have forgotten during this off-season."

NBA FanHouse: Tip-Off Timer: Mount Mutombo Erupts With 31 Blocks in First-Round Series
Remember this? Still amazing to this day.

Sacramento Bee: Kevin Johnson, worried Sacramento could lose Kings, to push for NBA arena
"Sacramento's mayor (yeah, that's right - KJ is the mayor) is worried about losing the Kings. I hear Seattle has an NBA arena... just saying."

Yahoo! Sports: Pierce declares Celtics as 'team to beat'
In other news, Pierce thinks he's the best player in the world.

Yahoo! Sports: Knicks give Lee one-year, $7 million deal
"David Lee will retest the free-agent market again next summer after agreeing to one-year contract with Knicks."

Ball Don't Lie: The 10 best point guards of the last decade
Gilbert Arenas? Really? Oh, Mr. Dwyer...

Ball Don't Lie: The top 10 NBA general managers of the last decade
Easy pick for #1.

Bleacher Report: Jeremiah Rivers: The Best Player You Havn't Heard Of
"Jeremiah Who? As the 2009-2010 college basketball season approaches, there is one player who hasn't been named to any of the "transfer's to watch list" And that's Indiana guard Jeremiah Rivers..."

Rec_mediumBall Don't Lie: The top 10 finest All-Star moments of the last decade
Another great list by Dwyer. Oh, that elbow pass is still so pretty...

Ball Don't Lie: The top 10 NBA meltdowns of the last decade
More and more lists. What would the offseason be without lists, I wonder.

Slam: Kanye West Interrupts the NBA
Crass, but hey.

Yahoo! Sports: Nets' LeBron pursuit: From Russia, with love
"Billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov has the cash and charisma to make an enticing pitch to LeBron James."

Yahoo! Sports: Artest: Point at me if Lakers don't repeat
We were already going to, Ron, but thanks anyway. You're still hilarious.

Sporting News: NBA Athlete of the Decade: Kobe Bryant, SG, Lakers
Our resident Lakers troll, olf, linked us to this. It's only fair that we add it to the TWSS.



PTR and Friends

Rec_mediumNational MS Society - Bike Event:
The MS Bike Tour is the largest organized cycling event in the United States, raising millions to fight multiple sclerosis. PtR member FreshmakerDTM is riding this year, and all donations are appreciated.

The Role Player's Realm: Just Another Quick-Hitting Ateneo Blue Eagles Post
silverandblack_davis shows his face, but is sneaky about it.



Completely Off-Topic

Waiter, There's a Hair in my Satire
Blame this one on Hipuks. But click on the link.

FML: Both Sides Of The Story
Life sucks all around.

The snuggie sutra
This is not safe for work. I think. Maybe. It's a snuggie, after all.

How Many People Are in Space Right Now?
As straightforward as it sounds.

Damn, now I have to go here before I die. Or when I decide to die.

Rec_mediumHow Lord of The Rings Should Have Ended
Old, but just in case someone missed it.

Trailer for House aka Hausu (1977)
That's scary, all right.

We The Robots
You have definitely been misinformed.

Rec_mediumStormtroopers' 9/11
Hmm. I was wary of embedding this video, because I imagine some people might find it offensive, "too soon" as they say. But I truly believe in humor as the ultimate band-aid - and this isn't mocking the tragedy itself, but the reactions. Anyway, I think it's great.

True stories? I don't care.

Rec_mediumEducation and access to the tools necessary for such
should always come secondary to discipline

A RRolled prank
I'd never ever admit to pulling off.

You can't use Photoshop as verb?
Next they'll take "google" from us.

Oh, and since we're talking about Google
This is the Google you don't want to meet. (Hint: Check the URL.)

The Office Kid
Does it come in Argentinian?

Milkman vs. Mailman
Because you can never have too much Barats and Bereta

Rec_mediumPost Rejects
Where do all these talented people come from?



Because Internet is Multimedia

World's Longest Basketball Shot
Fake? Do you care?

Spike Lee and Tim Hardaway commercial
So ugly.

Rec_mediumJohn Stockton Retrospective
Yes, I'm still talking about this guy. He's one of my favorites, bear with me.

Yao's workout
Breaks my heart. ...Okay, too much. But it's sad. Ish.

Rec_mediumManu Ginobili Scores 24 Straight Points Agaist the Hawks 22/02/07
Remember this? I do.

Malik Rose On Why Do They Call NBA Champs - The World Champs
Except for the Spurs. (Is that guy for real? I couldn't tell. "Reporting...")


Pics of the Week

For the ladies, here's some uncensored Fab-O icrecream delight.


Reading the reactions at SpursTalk over this picture makes me love PTR more than ever.


You can never rebound too much, DeJuan.


Byebye, Fatality.


Such a nice guy.


I like this kid.


Where's Nate?


Woody and the Pearl.



Quote of the Week


I think we’re the best team in the NBA, healthy.
Paul Pierce

A classic, since no one's talking.

"I will miss him a lot. He was a good friend. And he owes me $80."
Yao Ming, on Bostjan Nachbar getting traded


That's it, guys. Not much going on, I'm afraid. Maybe next week Ron will do something crazy we can gossip about.