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WNBA Playoffs Game 3: Silver Stars @ Mercury Game Thread

Let it rain

A list of our needs for tonight: a deluge of threes, a torrent of clutch shots, a monsoon of Becky and Ann and Sophia and Vickie. We need teardrops, we need sweat, we need a downpour to cleanse and inspire our bench players. We need Coach Hughes to direct our dancers with all his experience and... ...

We need to know when we've taken an analogy too far. Join us tonight - we need to make Stan cry.

The Time, The Venue

Tonight, 8:00 PM EST (9 PM Spurs time)

You can't watch it online (sort of, wink wink). But it should be on , so check your TV tonight.

Pounding the Rock Says

What Went on Before

Is it lazy to use pictures instead of text? ...Don't answer that. (I'm on a

Game 1


You know... the ring? Ah, well. Which reminds me.

Game 2




(Sorry for the quick-n-dirty 'chop. No time.)

Game 3


Someone Says

Sophia once more has the mic tonight:

I just want to come out with more intensity and more focus, because tonight is "win or go home." You have to think to yourself, "Are you ready to be done?" And I’m not ready to be done.


We can win tonight, people. Believe.

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