The Spurs 3 difference makers

Everyone knows the obvious. The Spurs have four players who are expecteds to be the mainstays of the team; Duncan, Parker, Ginobli and now Jefferson. Other newcomers like Ratliff and McDyess are also going to be counted on. But all of the above listed are known quantities. If they stay healthy there is no doubt that the Spurs will be in the hunt. But what will put the team over the top and bring that trophy back to San Antonio where it belongs? I think it will be the unknowns like Ian Mahinmi, Marcus Haislip and the rookie Blair and maybe Marcus Williams if he makes the final 15. We've got a pretty good idea what Mason, Hill, Finley and Bonner can do, but if the unknown quantities step up and play to their potential I don't think LA and the other top contenders will have the answers needed to figure out the Spurs. My guess is that Blair will prove to be the banger he was at Pittsburgh and Mahinmi will gradually earn more playing time as the season progresses. Haislip will provide considerable excitement coming off the bench with his athleticism and hops. If those three play well Pops will have a difficult time trying to hold back a big grin and keep his straight face. As a matter of fact the second five could often be more productive than the first. Can you visualize it. I can see it now, Ginobli, Hill, Haislip, Blair and Mahinmi coming off the bench in the second quarter. Thats a lot of quickness that should create problems for opponents and even the first five in practice sessions. I can't wait to see what Popovich does with this abundance of talent. Go Spurs!

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