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PtR is bigger and badder

Well, I don't really know if we are bigger and badder, but we definitely have more people involved. As you have probably noticed, there are a lot of names down at the bottom of the page. Allow me to introduce you to some of the new and old people.

I have asked several people to help me run PtR. My goal is to provide you with the most in-depth Spurs coverage anywhere. You can expect to hear a whole lot more about all things Spurs this year. I'll give you details in a later post.

In an effort to provide the coverage I want to give you, I thought we needed more man (and woman) power. Providing both the volume of content and monitoring the threads will require extra effort.

First, I think we have a really good group of contributors.

Second, while I may outline a role for them. We don't have explicit roles here. The titles at the bottom don't really indicate what the person does for PtR, nor does it indicate a hierarchy. I'm at the top. Everybody else is at the bottom. Seriously, though, the titles are just a reflection of the permissions they need in order to do what they decide they want to do. Expect them to change somewhat randomly.

For starters, there is me. Wayne Vore (ATS) formerly known as AusTechSpur. I'll talk about my stuff in a later post.

LatinD, Silverandblack_davis, and Tim C. aka Rikiddo: These guys will be your game preview gurus. You guys are familiar with their amazing work.

JollyRogerWilco and CapHill: Again, two people familiar to you. I have asked them to be the arbiters of justice in these halls. Beware the nerf gun. These two will be acting as our moderators-in-chief. Hipuks, just so you know, we still have the same guidelines, but they won't be enforced by the willy nilly nature of my moods (menopause is killing me right now). JRW and CapHill will do the good cop and bad cop routine. I'll let you figure out who is who.

BlaseE and Fred Silva: Stat geek vs stat dweeb. I think that pretty much sums up what these guys will be bringing to the table. Who doesn't like number analysis? I like it. I just ignore the conclusions. I prefer misinformation.

Lauri: Lauri will be our quality control person. I have asked her to be our editor and help us writer-types provide better and clearer stories.

CECabrera21: Claudio, from Live Above Mediocrity (my favorite personal blog out there), will be posting his Spurs thoughts for us every couple of weeks.

Aaronstampler: Undefined. The Seer of the internet (and Bleacher Report beat writer of the 49ers) works for no man. As we all know, he posts when life makes it so.