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WNBA Playoffs: Silver Stars Vs. Mercury Game Thread

Fly, little bird, fly

Whatever I had to say about this game, I already put it in my preview. Everything you want to know about the Mercury is probably in Stan's preview over at Swish Appeal. For this game thread I'm simply going to do what any classic PTR hack would do: resort to pretty pictures and hope they distract you from the lack of real content.

Something inane but colorful, after the jump.

The Time, The Venue

Tonight, 9:00 PM EST (10 PM Spurs time)

You can't watch it online, as far as I know. But it should be on , so check your TV tonight. I know I will, even though it's probably futile.

The Good Gals







The Villains



...Okay, sorry, I've got nothing.

Meet Your Silver Stars

Becky Hammon

Sophia Young

Shanna Crossley

Front Office Staff

Erin Perperoglou

Ann Wauters

Vickie Johnson

Coach Hughes

Someone Says

Sophia has the mic tonight:

We know that we are capable of beating them and they know they are capable of beating us. We just have to focus on us, more so than them.


Okay, guys, enough shenanigans. Let's win tonight - go Stars!