Anagrams are Fun!

So, I was perusing Purple Row to find out how the Rockies did this weekend, when I found this gem of a FanPost. Since the Spurs have some players with great names (and since it's still the offseason and we're all still bored), I thought PtR should take a deeper look into this issue. Follow me after the jump for a different viewpoint of the roster, via the anagram. These are some of my favorites, so enjoy!

Now some of these are applicable to the player, but most are just off the wall.


DeJuan Blair - A Lab Injured, Jab Land Rue I

Matt Bonner - Batman Torn, Ban Torment, Rant Entomb

Tim Duncan - Damn Tunic, Act Mind Nu, Damn Cut In

Michael Finley - Anemic Hey Fill, Menace If Hilly, Infamy Ice Hell

Manu Ginobili - A Imbuing Lion, A Big Mil Union, Alibi Gin Um No

Malik Hairston - A Hailstorm Kin, Animal Hot Risk, Salami Horn Kit

Marcus Haislip - Mariachis Plus, Scapular Him Is, Casual Him Rips

George Hill - Here Gill Go, Ogle Eh Girl, Ego He Grill

Richard Jefferson - Scarfed Frier John, Dancer Josher Riff, Arch Fjord Refines

Ian Mahinmi - Mania Him In, Mama Hi I Inn

Roger Mason - Garners Moo, Roamer Song, Mango Sorer

Antonio McDyess - Dominances Toys, Dynamic Set Soon, Canoed Tiny Moss

Tony Parker - Prayer Knot, Ark Entropy

Theo Ratliff - Feral Oft Hit, Tear Off Hilt, Half Fire Tot

Marcus Williams - Lama Music Swirl, Lilac Swamis Rum, Wail Maims Curls

For some of the players, there were literally thousands of options. So, go ahead, have fun with this website and put your favorites in the comments.

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