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This Week In San Antonio Spurs Basketball: David Robinson Hall Of Famer Edition

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It was Hall of Fame induction week and the internets were buzzing about what could probably be one of the greatest classes ever introduced into the Hall.

Michael Jordan? Hell no. It's not all about you, MJ. David Robinson is my guy. And if he's not your guy, then he will be after reading a boatload of tributes on his true greatness, after the jump.

The Music

This first one is from Lauri, to honor a real man's man, David Robinson. Unfortunately due to whatever restrictions, I couldn't view this video so I just substituted it for the one below (don't look if you're bothered by too much skin):

Here's my pick, something from a Swedish band called The Sounds. The title seems apt for David's defensive dominance back in the days.



The Admiral Sets Sail into Immortality

Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: A Simply Great Man: David Robinson
Fred Silva takes aim at paying tribute to The Admiral and the result: a short yet engaging piece that perfectly encapsulates why David Robinson is not only a trailblazing basketball player, but a once-in-a-lifetime human being.

Rec_medium48 Minutes of Hell: David Robinson was a Fine Role Player
Tim Varner shows us why he is one of the best hoops bloggers around.

48 Minutes of Hell: Robinson’s Cultural Legacy: A Personal Interpretation
Graydon gives us his thoughts about the Admiral's off court non-issues. Sick: If Robinson had left the Spurs
"Maybe nothing better defines his Hall of Fame stature. He was more than a basketball player, in attitude and community and service." Sacrificing talent for honor
"It was somewhat fitting that David Robinson's induction into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame happened on a day we remember heroes." It's Admiral's day too
Jerry Colangelo: "Having said that, David Robinson, in my mind, represents all that is good about basketball. The class, the dignity, the career he had, and how he represented his country, his team, his community and his coaches, was nothing but amazing." Not like Mike, Robinson wins
"Jordan said, privately, he couldn't understand why Robinson didn't live for this as the others did. Jordan called Robinson 'The Negotiator' then because Jordan thought he analyzed too much." Admiral among legends
"'You know you've made it when you're a clue in the New York Times crossword puzzle', Robinson said a few hours before the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame afforded him even greater acclimation." Sick: If Robinson had left the Spurs
"Maybe nothing better defines his Hall of Fame stature. He was more than a basketball player, in attitude and community and service." Despite image, Robinson was as tough as they come
"The image problem is Robinson's fault, of course. He was far from a power player on offense, and the rep carried. More than that, he played the piano, would talk math and the Bible as easily as recite strategy from whatever game just finished, and was polite in a way few peers could come close to matching." Robinson has reshaped the world, on and off the court
Doc Rivers: "It's almost fitting he's going in the Hall of Fame with Jordan. The weekend is going to be all about Mike. David is such a humble guy, I know he doesn't mind. He probably prefers it that way."

Yahoo! Sports: Spurs set sail with Admiral aboard
"David Robinson enters the Hall of Fame with the same legacy he's always carried: Never has basketball defined him."

Ball Don't Lie: On David Robinson
"You had a center playing a ridiculous brand of basketball, on both ends. Averaging well over 25 a game. Heaps of rebounds, tons of blocks. Brilliant in all areas. Hell, in 1994, Robinson averaged over 40 minutes a game and ... you just don't get that from centers, anymore."

Ball Don't Lie: Photo Gallery: David Robinson's Hall of Fame career
From a young gazelle to a fully developed stallion.

Rec_mediumESPN: Tales of the Admirable Admiral
"He made the point that Robinson's altruistic appeal had always been on a different level than that of Jordan, whose fame, fortune and ego grew exponentially during his career."

The Painted Area: Was The Admiral In The Big O's Class?
"What we're mainly trying to say is that we think David Robinson is probably better than you remember him, and probably deserves to be ranked higher than you are ranking him."

SA Business Journal: Robinson humbled to be part of loaded Hall class
In an interview, David Robinson once again shows humility amidst the praise.

Bleacher Report: David Robinson's Legacy Became San Antonio's Character
"As David Robinson is inducted this year into the Hall of Fame, he once again exemplifies the style that has become typical and indicative of the city of San Antonio—grace, class, and humbleness."

Project Spurs: Would Robinson Still be Dominant In The NBA?
Jon Lee of Accuscore crunches the numbers to see if The Admiral can still be a beast in today's NBA.

Rec_mediumSLAM: Admirable - Remembering the NBA’s consummate professional
"An afterthought in the sense that although he is always considered, he’s never championed in the way he should be. Sometimes fans casually forget this man." New Hall of Famer David Robinson shined on and off court
Malik Rose: "No, he's very straight up. You don't need to be careful with David. That's one guy you can build up,'' he said. "He could be an ass if he wanted to because he's a superstar. But he's one of the best people you ever want to meet. He's my brother in Christ and like a father figure to me." David Robinson Scores 71 points
A look back at the great David Robinson's monster 71-point game. Spurs Announce Special David Robinson Ticket Package
"The San Antonio Spurs are offering a special ticket package to pay tribute to Hall of Famer David Robinson and honor his commitment to the organization, city and fans." Spurs To Honor The Admiral With David Robinson Tribute Night
"The San Antonio Spurs announced that they will honor David Robinson with David Robinson Tribute Night on Sunday, November 29 vs. the Philadelphia 76ers."

David Robinson's Quadruple Double (Boxscore)
Legen---wait for it---DARY.



Everything Black, Silver And White

Rec_medium48 Minutes of Hell: A Conversation with Marcus Williams
Tim Varner interviewed Marcus, and the result is a powerful insight into one of our new hopefuls and the Spurs' relationship with the Austin Toros. Check it out.

48 Minutes of Hell: Ian Mahinmi Injured
Yawn going glass. Or becoming glass. What? Again?!

Blazersedge: I've Got Spurs that Jingle Jangle Jingle
Dave of BlazersEdge is at a quandary figuring out if the Spurs are legit contenders. Help him out, will you?

Toronto Sun: Bonner is 'jacked' about playing for Canada
Don't worry Matty, no one's stopping you. Good luck.

FOX Sports: Things I love about the NBA
When Uncle Charley speaks it's like gospel truth. Or maybe not. He loves TD, anyway: "Tim Duncan's taking a pay cut a few years ago, thereby enabling the Spurs to enhance their championship hopes by signing whichever free agents they had in their sights without surpassing their mandated salary cap." Bruce Bowen created legacy more enduring than his NBA career
Yet another awesome piece on Mr. Potato Head and his contributions to the game.

ESPN: NBA Summer Forecast: NBA champs
Just keep disregarding us, you fools. We like it that way.



This Week In Pounding the Rock

Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: Get to Know Your New Spurs #6: DeJuan Blair
Another awesome installment in PtR's Get To Know series. Nobody stokes the flames of this upcoming season's excitement quite like Blairzilla. Or Blair Force One. Or Rebound Demon Blair. Can we come up with a final nickname already?

Pounding The Rock: Silver Stars Vs Sparks Game Thread & Hack Recap
Just when we thought the Silver Stars were gonna make it... along comes LA again.

Pounding The Rock: Silver Stars @ Monarchs Game Thread & @ Sparks Hack Recap
LatinD continues to, as how rikkido puts it, "grow the WNBA one bored basketball fan at a time." Silver Stars edge out the Monarchs on this one.

Pounding The Rock: San Antonio Silver Stars Vs Seattle Storm Game Thread
The last WNBA game thread of the regular season. Yay? The Silver Stars, however, are playoff bound so we can still join LatinD for a few more games in his crusade to cheer on the Hammonites.

Pounding The Rock: Poll: My favorite "not-new" Spur is . . .
Curiosity once again moves our friendly neighborhood Laker olf to survey the PtR faithful who their most favorite "not-new Spur" is. Also, he uses "we" for full effect and to avoid being awarded official troll status. You go, olf.

Pounding The Rock: Paper Your Wall: Polaroid Spurs
That wallpaper of yours looks bland. Thank goodness for Dariusz Ejkiewicz, those days of looking at a dull computer screen could be over.

Pounding The Rock: Today is 09-09-09
Just another much ado about nothing offseason post, which churned out topics about time, movies and The Beatles. Yep, this is PtR.



Around SB Nation

Rec_mediumYour New-Look SB Nation
Show that you give a damn and check out SB Nation's new digs. Down with BSPN!

CelticsBlog: Ray Allen Wants Extension
Ray has newfound confidence after Bruce Bowen's retirement. Okay, he didn't say that, that's just me.

Peachtree Hoops: 72 reasons to be excited about the Hawks: #50 the Sprite Jam Cam
Does the AT&T Center have this?

Rufus on Fire: Bobcats Co-Owner Dies
"William "Skipper" Beck, described in the AP story as a team co-owner, has died in a small plane crash in South Carolina."

Blog a Bull: No, there won't be a Michael Jordan Hall-Of-Fame post (ok, this one)
"Why the Bulls Blog can't get too worked up over Michael Jordan and the Hall of Fame."

Fear The Sword: LeBron-TV?? Could be if he chooses New York
"What will it take to get LeBron James? A TV Network, perhaps."

Brew Hoop: Moving On: Bucks opt not to match Sessions offer sheet
"Ramon Sessions is heading Northwest, leaving the Milwaukee Bucks behind for the Minnesota Timberwolves."

Peninsula is Mightier: Dwyane Wade and Pat Riley speak
Dwyane Wade and Pat Riley speak their thoughts on the Michael Beasley situation.

Indy Cornrows: Larry Bird Thinks Pacers Can Be A Pretty Good Little Team
Larry Legend speaks. Listen at your own risk.

Raptors HQ: The X Factor Report - Andrea Bargnani
The X Factor Report takes a look at Andrea Bargnani.

Third Quarter Collapse: Orlando Magic Cap Season-Ticket Sales at 13,000; Fewer than 300 Packages Remain
"The Orlando Magic have announced they're being forced to cap season-ticket sales at 13,000 due to increasing demand. They also report they've sold 4,700 new season-ticket packages this summer, the largest figure in the entire NBA."

Posting and Toasting: Position Battle: The Small Forwards
"In what's become a pretty crowded frontcourt, which Knick should start at small forward?"

Golden State Of Mind: GSOM Night is Coming!
PtR night coming soon to a Spurs game near you. Or in my case, thousands of miles far away from you.

Bullets Forever: So Michael Jordan is going to the Hall of Fame...
"Why this Wizards fan has trouble feeling warm and fuzzy about Michael Jordan's induction into the Hall of Fame."

Canis Hoopus: I hart Kahn: the flowchart
So apparently, David Kahn is a genius.

Straight Outta Vancouver: Give Me Your Weary: Allen Iverson Comes Home
"Allen Iverson and the Grizzlies joined by necessity, which also ensures a mutually beneficial relationship."

Bright Side Of The Sun: The unofficially official Phoenix Suns comic strip
Box n' 1 - the unofficially official Phoenix Suns comic strip - takes a look at Steve Nash's offseason.

Sactown Royalty: 30Q: Can Jon Brockman Be a Rotation Player?
I've heard that Jon Brockman is supposedly a poor man's DeJuan Blair. Fat chance. (no pun intended)

Ridiculous Upside: From Local Tryouts to the D-League Part 2
Part 2 of a look at players who made the D-League after participating in local tryouts.

Blazersedge: Basketball Related Income Rules Everything Around Me
The LaMarcus Aldridge contract extension saga continues.



More Hall Of Fame Coverage

Ball Don't Lie: Thank you, Mike
"Literally, and figuratively. Who knows what I do, where I'm going, where I'm staying, what I'm thinking, what haircut I'm sporting, what shoes I'm wearing, what job I'm working at to earn the money to buy those shoes, if it isn't for Michael Jordan?"

Yahoo! Sports: Against Jordan, defense never rested
"Guarding Michael Jordan was Joe Dumars' biggest challenge during his 14 seasons. It wasn't fun."

Yahoo! Sports: Jordan's night to remember turns petty
"As the Hall of Fame opened its doors to Michael Jordan, the NBA's greatest player clung bitterly to the past." -- A searing criticism of Jordan's speech from the no-nonsense Adrian Wojnarowski.

Yahoo! Sports: Stockton's legacy: Small in stature, big in heart
"John Stockton didn't dunk or strut, but his relentless ground-bound game delivered him to the Hall of Fame."

SLC Dunk: John Stockton - Induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame
SLC Dunk's own tribute to John Stockton.

ESPN: Winning was the only thing that mattered to John Stockton
J.A. Adande looks back at the standout career of underappreciated John Stockton.

ESPN: Jerry Sloan marks 20 years of a hard-driving style in Utah
"Jerry Sloan didn't think his Jazz tenure would last long. Twenty years later, the longest-tenured pro head coach in the U.S. basks only in effort, not accolades." Blog: The Greatest Hall of Fame Classes Ever
Analyzing the greatest HOF classes through brain-frying statistics.

FOX Sports: The next MJ? Forget it, he doesn't exist
Let me repeat it for you again, Kobe and LeBron: fuhgeddaboutit.



Even More Hoops

Ball Don't Lie: The 10 best dunkers of the last decade
Are you kidding me? There's a (former) Spur in this list? I bet Pop is fuming.

Yahoo! Sports: Grizzlies withdraw qualifying offer to Navarro
Do we need some more firepower off the bench? La Bomba could be a nice pick-up.

Yahoo! Sports: NBA referees bracing for lockout
Uh-oh. Or should it be... yes!!! ?

Russell to Jordan: Game on
"Bryon Russell said the story Michael Jordan told about him in his induction speech is true. Now he wants to play Jordan again."

Hornets Acquire Bobby Brown, Darius Songaila for Antonio Daniels
The Hornets trade Antonio Daniels for Darius Songaila and Bobby Brown.

khandor’s sports blog: Western Conference player ratings, by position
khandor shuffles the numbers with several Spurs getting some love.

Bucks decline to match Sessions offer
Ramon Sessions is set to become a Wolf. Poor Bucks.

Taking the Charge: Volume 1 - The Next Dynasty?
A look at which team has the best potential to become the next great dynasty. Points for the author for naming the Spurs as team of the decade.

‘Big Shot Rob’ shoots straight on ‘The Dream’
Okay, so he didn't exactly name David as the best center he's ever played with. Still, it's a good read to catch up with Horry.

Basketbawful: The Conversation starring A.I. and God
The Bawful guys at their best. Hilarious.

The Lakers Nation: Jordan Farmar will change jersey number to #1
Kobe, this is your fault.



Completely Off-Topic

Stadium FAIL
Lesson of the day: Shut down your computer properly.

Tattoo Locations
Not as fun as the Tat-O-Scope, but hey, it speaks the truth about body ink.

The Crap Blog: Talking Dog
Do not trust talking dogs, I repeat, DO NOT TRUST TALKING DOGS.

Sacked on Facebook
Yet another reason to not add your boss as a facebook friend. These social networking sites will be the end of mankind, I swear.

A cat rolling a watermelon out of the sea.
For Lauri and her lolcats, but without the lol on this one. There is some kind of artful and philosophical vibe to it...

The KFC Colonel and his, uh... bones.
Something to do with recycling a chicken's leftover bones. A fun activity for the whole family to enjoy.

20 Most Bizarre Craigslist Adverts Of All Time
And you thought you were selling or advertising weird stuff before. Pope hats, anyone?

Arizona driver dons monkey masks to elude tickets
It wasn't me. Seriously.

Supermarket domino.
Somebody's got waaaay too much time on their hands. Still, kudos to this massive, massive domino work.



Because Internet is Multimedia

David Robinson Hall-Of-Fame speech


David Robinson dominates.

Take that, greatest player of all time.

The Big Bully.

These college highlights of David are just plain whack.

David "Mister" Robinson sporting Nike's.

What the... it's the Glove??

There's something wrong with The Admiral and party hats. But that's just me.

Is he even human?

David the Dad. He's a true role model.

Hope the little kid grows up to be like dad, too.


Pics of the Week

Shots from the Hall of Fame induction ceremony





A couple of David Robinson wallpapers:


(Thanks to Fernando TD21 from ST)

(500) Spurs of Summer - Day 20 and 348


JackMac paintballin'


Gotta take care of those pearly whites. (Thanks to jalberto)





Don't look at me like that. It's the offseason.


Quotes of the Week

I think I'm gonna go PtR style, and what some of the members have to say on David Robinson:

Fred Silva: "David is a role model, not because he wanted to be, but because his soul commanded actions that made him one."

bellasa: "We are so lucky to have had this special man on our team. San Antonio is lucky that he continues to be part of our community."

Hipuks: "I think the benefit of not having a "killer instinct" is that David Robinson is probably as happy with his life as a person can be, I can’t imagine it’s easy to be hyper competitive and then you have to switch off and live a "normal" life."

4Him: "Earlier in the day, Jordan said, 'Take away that little, round ball and we (this year’s entries into the Hall) all would have struggled in life.' We all know that wouldn’t have been true of David Robinson, and deep down MJ knows that as well."


Whew, did that tire me out or what. That's this week's edition, feel free to post below any links which you think are worth sharing. You know, 'cause we're bored and all that shit.