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A Simply Great Man: David Robinson

Here is all you need to know about David Robinson. His play was derived from his soul, not the other way around, as it is with most of our current athletes. By this I mean his superb morality and human traits in general transcended to the basketball court. Most athletes are defined by the sport they play. David Robinson was different. He had a solid identity, an unflappable pride, and an unmatched soul before he became a basketball player. This is illustrated by his service to our country, by his integrity as a professional athlete, and his continued involvement in our community here in the heart of Texas.

The only criticism that you will find of David is that he was ‘soft.’ This is simply a result of the great character that Robinson possesses. Unlike Jordan, Robinson did not have the ‘killer instinct.’ He would never go for blood. Robinson played the game as if it were a game; because that is exactly what it is and Robinson always knew this. When Karl Malone hit him with an elbow, he turned the other cheek. He did not seek vengeance or an apology. Robinson was, and always will be, above foul play.

Do not misunderstand me. Robinson is a winner. He simply did not respond to controversy in the way that athletes normally react. He is a good person and his reaction did not meet our expectations that had been set by other great athletes like Michael Jordan. Robinson is a great human being and reacted as such.

So today, the great David Robinson was honored and inducted to the Hall of Fame. What is incredible is the unmistakable impact he has had on all sports fans. He taught us what a professional athlete could be, and should be. David is a role model, not because he wanted to be, but because his soul commanded actions that made him one.

Posted by ATS for Fred