Poll: My favorite "not-new" Spur is . . .

In a Ptr Poll conducted last week we learned that DeJuan Blair (45%) barely edges-out Richard Jefferson (38%) as the favorite or most exciting "new" Spur this season. So to follow that up, this week we're asking: Who is your favorite "not-new" Spur?

Not-new is the best term we could come up with. God knows we didn't want to use "old" and Spur in the same sentence. And "used" or even "previously owned" didn't seem right either.

So we started with the roster on and deleted out anyone who was not with the team last year. We also excluded two free agents who were on the team last year but are unlikely to be back. (If we made a mistake please leave a comment and we'll try to correct it.)

Some participants in last week's poll asked for the opportunity to "vote for the revitalized, rehabilitated Manu" (apparently that is the answer to everything for some.). So this week you'll get your chance.

Also, a "none of the above" choice is included to accommodate people like Marcus Haislip's mom and grandma. "All of the above" was not included because that is just a way to avoid choosing.

So now it is time to step up Spur lovers and tell us: Who is your favorite "not-new" Spur?

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