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Paper Your Wall

jalberto, a photoshop wizard who creates lots of cool things for Manu's forum and has won's wallpaper contest a number of times, has recently done a great wallpaper with this season's schedule. Check it out:


Click on the picture to see full-sized version, or go to this page. jalberto has some of the best (if not the very best) Manu Ginobili wallpapers on the net, and a few focusing on other Spurs players. Check out his Flickr page, and download at will. Remember to drop him a comment if you like his work.

I'm thinking of creating a Spurs wallpapers gallery in PTR, so if you also make wallpapers and would like to host them here, please drop me a line at the e-mailed listed at the bottom of the page or in the comments section. And if you have never made a wallpaper in your life but want to give it a try... 'chop away!

Now you can all go back to your scheduled off-season hibernating.

EDIT: Here's a version of the same wallpaper, without the calendar.