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The Weak in San Antonio Spurs Basketball - Thursday Links


Happy Thursday, everybody. I know you were all suffering without your semi-weekly TWSS post. Well, suffer no more.

NBA Schedule-heavy links, after the jump.

Everything Black, Silver And White Gimpy Parker has fans in Texas and France nervous
That sigh of relief you heard has now reverberated off the Alamo and landed at the base of the Eiffel Tower. It's a sprain. Just a mild sprain.

Tony Parker caught between NBA and France | Interbasket
"Without Parker and Rodrigue Beaubois, who was injured in this year’s NBA Summer League, France has been leaning on Nando De Colo, whom the Spurs selected in the second round of the 2009 draft." Detroit Pistons Video: Joe and Antonio McDyess
Dice appreciates the name of the blog.

Top 10 Spurs nicknames: Part 1
Michael A. De Leon digs to find the best Spurs player nicknames of all time.

EN: Some can't-miss Spurs games
Jeff McDonald of The Express-News circles some dates

48 Minutes of Hell " Spurs 2009-10 Schedule Released
Graydon offers to meet up with Spurs fans in Chicago. dfjmed?

Before & After: Crash Course Schedule - HoopAngle: Spurs Edition
New PtR member walkercbbball breaks down the Spurs schedule Blog " Blog Archive " What’s Left in RJ’s Tank?
Is RJ done as a star? Or was he ever even a star in the first place? San Antonio Spurs salary information
ShamSports has updated on the Spurs salary situation with all the latest contracts. Click on the 'Additional contract notes and details' below the table for some serious in-depth detail.

Roger Mason Jr.'s Legendary Shooting Tale - ESPN Video - ESPN
ESPN Video: Roger Mason Jr. talks about his 3-point shooting ability, the Spurs' offseason moves and the upcoming season

SILVER STARS: Becky Hammon Earns Western Conference Player of the Week
The WNBA has named San Antonio guard Becky Hammon the Western Conference Player of the Week for the fifth time in her career and the first time this season, the league announced today


This Week In Pounding the Rock

Chasing The San Antonian Dream
LatinD plays the part of Argentine fanboy... with [a little] money. Oh, and we're all looking forward to his trip to the USA.

I Suppose It Could've Been A Spur...
Stampler talks a bit about his new job, and Tony's ankle.

You Lucky Bastards
Romeo talks about his Spurs experience from a far-away land.

Witnessing Greatness
Fellow Arizonan alamobro talks about his Spurs experience.

Poll: Which Position to Fill, Pt. 2 - The Centers
dfjmed continues his series of polls on players we'd like to see the Spurs sign.

My Team Is Better Than Yours: Memphis Grizzlies Edition
The fifth entry in BlaseE's series comparing teams to the Spurs for the '09-'10 season. This entry compares the Spurs to the Grizzlies with emphasis on last years stats, head to head recaps, roster changes, and a match-up preview.

Before & After: Crash Course Schedule - HoopAngle: Spurs Edition
New PtR member walkercbbball breaks down the Spurs schedule


Around SB Nation

Aftermath: Reconsidering the Scout Firings - Straight Outta Vancouver
The national media has panned the Grizzlies for firing their scouts, but I'm not so sure that the judgement is for basketball reasons.

Circling Dates - CelticsBlog
The guys over at CB think the Spurs will be in the Finals. So, nut just random Celts fans posting at PtR.

Do NBA Teams Need Scouts? - Ridiculous Upside
A look at whether NBA teams need to employ full-time college scouts, on the heels of the Memphis Grizzlies firing theirs.

All quiet on the Heat front....but for how long? - Peninsula is Mightier
DolPhanDave talks about the lack of offseason activity from the Heat, and what could still be to come.

Clippers Pre-Season Schedule Announced - Clips Nation
Well, now we know about another of the Spurs' preseason games.

Debunking Certain Myths About Vince Carter And Stan Van Gundy - Third Quarter Collapse
A Fox Sports columnist wrote last week that the Orlando Magic's decision to trade for Vince Carter, rather than to re-sign Hedo Turkoglu, could be disastrous, and cost coach Stan Van Gundy his job. 3QC takes him to task.

Deron Williams laughs in the faces of the basketball gods. - SLC Dunk
Basketball John gives us a lighthearted take on D-Will's offseason activities.

Western elites back-to-back look - Denver Stiffs
Denver got screwed?

Schedule and Roy - Blazersedge
Dave of Blazersedge also uses an asterisk when talking about that one team from LA.

Oden = All-Star? - Blazersedge
LatinD is laughing right about now.

Words really can't describe that jacket. - At The Hive
Emeka Okafor is... stylin?


Even More Hoops L.A. Lakers 2009-10 Schedule Breakdown
With the 2009-10 NBA regular season schedule released league-wide on Tuesday, we spent some time analyzing how the chips scatter in L.A.s direction.

How Long Will It Take For Artest To De-Rail The Lakers? " Le Basketbawl
Some frickin unusual analysis

Forum Blue And Gold " Predicting 82 Games
Counting your Chickens before they hatch

Ten Summer Stories to Watch - TrueHoop
The NBA pretty much goes year 'round. But maybe not right now. The giant NBA information machine is creeping along at subsistence levels.

RealGM: Basketball Wiretap Archives: Taylor Signs Multi-Year Deal With Houston
Jermaine Taylor signed a multi-year contract with the Rockets on Wednesday.

RealGM: Basketball Wiretap Archives: Kleiza Nearing Deal With Olympiakos
Linas Kleiza is very close to signing a deal with Olympiakos

Olympiakos To Offer Allen Iverson $10 Million | Dime Magazine
The latest rumors out of the Euro-basketball world is that the Greek basketball club Olympiakos is set to offer Allen Iverson a 2-year deal worth an estimated $10M

Well, Olympiacos(yes, that's how you really spell it - I was recently corrected by a Greek over at SpursTalk) is certainly busy this offseason.

That's All...

LatinD will be back with the full-week version of TWSS on Monday.