Chasing The San Antonian Dream


So the Spurs' schedule was finally published, and I now have all the data I need to prepare my own schedule for my 2010 Pounding the Rock Latin_D Conquers Dallas trip.

For those not in the know, I've been planning to travel to the US (all the way from Argentina) to watch the Spurs live... for over a year now, maybe more. I can watch the games on TV as many times as I want, and comment about them on this blog, but I still wouldn't forgive myself if I couldn't see the Big Three play live once in my life.

I've never been to the States, and the conversion rate between Argentinian pesos and dollars means that my budget will be tight. One of my plans is to meet as many of the regular posters here as humanly possible, and just drink in as much of the countryside as possible. If I can visit some hot tourist spots along the way, well, it'd be a big plus.

So I need your help. This post is for those willing to lend me a hand in choosing where to go, when to go, and how to go. I promise to reciprocate whenever you come to Argentina, and there'll be plenty of alfajores for you in return. Jump in!


Boundary Conditions

And no, that doesn't mean I'll travel illegally.

  • I will probably have three weeks for the trip. More days would be impossible - in fact, I will only have three weeks after some negotiations that will come in the near future. Wish me luck.
  • My budget, as I said above, is laughable (4 pesos = 1 dollar, ouch). Cheap is good. Cheap is holy.
  • I can drive, and plan to get an international license. I thought that driving through the country would lend itself to some touristic stops along the way, but the distances are intimidating so it might not be feasible to go by car the entire trip. Plus, it's probably pretty expensive - I need to find out.
  • I want to visit the Grand Canyon at some point. Can't miss that, and SiMA should be nearby.
  • I plan to get good seats whenever possible - there's no point in going all the way there to watch the Spurs through my newly-purchased binoculars. I'll be checking the prices for the tickets tomorrow.
  • I have no idea what's worth visiting and what's not, beyond the Canyon. Think of me as an empty canvas.
  • We want to organize one or several get-togethers, and I'd really like to get to meet you in person. Check your own schedules and see when you're free.


The Plan (?) So Far

I had a chat with ATS today, and I told him I wanted to see some home games, and some away games - those would be the perfect excuse to get out and know the USA. He recommended picking the last few home games before the Rodeo trip, and then follow the team until the All-Star Game. The schedule:

  • Mon, Jan 25 vs Chicago
  • Wed, Jan 27 vs Atlanta
  • Fri, Jan 29 vs Memphis
  • Sun, Jan 31 vs Denver
  • Wed, Feb 3 at Sacramento
  • Thu, Feb 4 at Portland
  • Sat, Feb 6 at Los Angeles Clippers
  • Mon, Feb 8 at Los Angeles Lakers
  • Thu, Feb 11 at Denver
  • Sun, Feb 14 - All Star Game in Dallas, Texas

4 home games, 5 away, and one ASG. Can you say "Hell to the yeah"? At first glance this seems like the perfect time for me, but I'm more than open to suggestions. I just put together a hasty map of the stops I'd have to make. Check it out:


Again, I don't know what the scale of this map is, but I'm not sure travelling by car from San Antonio to Sacramento is a good idea. I could either skip the first leg and go directly to Portland, or skip Portland (it's the next day of the Sacramento game - can it be done?) and go to Los Angeles. I know SiMA lives in Denver and rikkido is in Phoenix. I could meet Hipuks in Los Angeles if I can get him away from his aquarium for a few minutes, and then hang out with CMoney in Dallas. Where're the rest of you?

Anyway, this was just an introduction. Any and all suggestions would really help this widdle lil' 26-year-old have the time of his life a la Borat. I promise to take pictures and videos and share the experience with all the foreign Spurs fans who would love to be able to go, but can't for some reason.

Oh, I forgot. If anyone wants to join me for part of the (or the entire) trip, you're more than welcome. These roadtrips are always better when you have someone to share it with, and I'll be travelling alone.

That's all for now. Now go cool the beers for February.

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