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This Week in San Antonio Spurs Basketball: Your One Stop Linkapalooza


Due to the rather glaring lack of basketball news on the web during the offseason, we've decided to cut TWSS to once per week, instead of twice. But fear not - when the NBA resumes in October, there will be two of these per week again.

Lots of stuff to click, after the jump. Apologies if too much of it has to do with Stephen Jackson, but it's the offseason, and this is the most we've had to talk about in a while.

The Music

My choice, for no particular reason other than I like it.

JRW emailed this next suggestion to me. You know, if you aren't into obscure Swedish music.



Everything Black, Silver And White

48 Minutes of Hell | Should the Spurs Make Another Move Before Camp?
Tim Varner doesn't think so. Of course, no one knows what the Spurs are actually going to do, but unless the Spurs can get Capt Jack back without giving up much, I agree with him.

Rec_medium48 Minutes of Hell | Should the Spurs Buy a Ticket to the Stephen Jackson Sweepstakes?
Graydon Gordian gives us the first serious analysis on whether the Spurs should pursue Stephen Jackson, and also talks about the unnerving possibility of Captain Jack ending up in Dallas.

Rec_medium48 Minutes of Hell | Globetrotting with the Spurs
Tim Varner gives us some great analysis of how Ian and Tiago are doing this summer.

Project Spurs: Evaluating The Spurs' Roster
Fred Silva gives us a look into the current Spurs roster, with a rating for each player.

Rec_mediumProject Spurs: Duncan's Top 5 Games
Ahh, memories. David Thiessen brings a lot of great ones from TD flooding back.

Jeff McDonald - Popovich ready to play with new toys
After the most eventful summer of his Spurs tenure, coach Gregg Popovich is ready to get back to work. "You can only relax so much," Popovich said Tuesday. "You can only chase players so much. My stomach is starting to churn. I'm getting anxious."

Buck Harvey - Jack was never coming back
Buck cuts to the quick on what he thinks the chances of Stephen Jackson coming back are.

San Antonio Spurs: 30 Teams in 30 Days | Bleacher Report
John Friel grades the Spurs, but doesn't give Manu his due. Chilai, would you like to take this one?

NBA offseason makeovers [Spurs] - NBC Sports breaks down moves made heading into the 2009-10 NBA season.



This Week In Pounding the Rock

Rec_mediumMy Team Is Better Than Yours: Toronto Raptors Edition - Pounding The Rock
The eighth entry in BlaseE's series comparing teams to the Spurs for the '09-'10 season. This entry compares the Spurs to the Raptors with emphasis on last years stats, head to head recaps, roster changes, and a match-up preview.

Rec_mediumWhere You At? - Pounding The Rock
CapHill asks a very simple question - where are you? Answer it, if you haven't already.

Silver Stars @ Fever Game Thread & Hack Recaps - Pounding The Rock
LatinD gives us another game thread, and another recap. Will the real Stars please stand up?

Silver Stars Vs Shock Game Thread and @ Fever Hack Recap - Pounding The Rock
The Stars keep on doing their best, and not-winning. Yes-cheer for them in LatinD's not-professional game thread.

Tiago Splitter @ FIBA Americas 2009 - Pounding The Rock
Tiago Splitter updates from FIBA Americas 2009 championship! More international Spurs updates here.

Rec_mediumThe Admiral's Ghost - Pounding The Rock
David Robinson in full motion, brought to you by LatinD.

A few of My Photos from 08-09 Season - Pounding The Rock
Janieannie shares some nice photos of Manu.

Survey: Spurs Stuff? - Pounding The Rock
dfjmed asks what kind of Spurs swag you have.

Yahoo's best blocks missing Manu - Pounding The Rock
Stupid Yahoo - don't make me get all ARGENTINE on you.

Poll: 2nd Favorite NBA Franchise? - Pounding The Rock
dfjmed regales us with another poll, this time asking who we root for other than the Spurs.

Power Rankings (Sports Illustrated) and your Top 5 thoughts. - Pounding The Rock
Hirschof links to SI's preliminary rankings, and ask for everyone's thoughts on who the top 5 teams are right now.

Rec_mediumHipuks' Pictorial Journey Starts Getting Old Part III: The Japanese Garden. - Pounding The Rock
Hipuks series continues with pictures of the awesomeness that is the Japanese Garden.

Why I love the Spurs - Pounding The Rock
bj1der shares how he became a Spurs fan.

Poll: Can Tony be the franchise player during the post-Duncan era? - Pounding The Rock
Yes, yes he can. Thought-provoking post from bj1der on what the Spurs might look like after Timmy retires.

Rec_mediumFun Stuff Involving Manu - Pounding The Rock
KA1Z3R checks in and delivers a FanPost as only he can. No crazy pics this time, though.

PtR was pretty busy this week. Keep it coming, folks... training camp starts sometime in September.



Around SB Nation

Jack trades, based on his requests. Then mine... - Golden State Of Mind
Myk over at GSoM gives a pretty comprehensive list of teams that Stephen Jackson could be traded to and suggestions for those trades, including one in which the Spurs essentially swap RJ for Capt Jack + spare parts.

What If Rod Was One Of Us? - Ridiculous Upside
Promoting the new Boom Tho Mixtape, specifically Internet Dominance.

Sham Sports: Blazers Title Triggers Roughly $5 Million Guarantee For Brandon Roy - Blazersedge
Ben from BlazersEdge talks about some of the interesting caveats in Roy's contract, with figures courtesy of ShamSports.

Rec_mediumWorrying about being a contender when there are already supercontenders - Blog a Bull
Just how far away are the Bulls from 'supercontenders' like the Lakers, Celtics, and Spurs?

Malcolm Gladwell Makes a Brilliant Argument for Rubio/Flynn - Canis Hoopus
Interesting thoughts, but I'm not sure I buy it.

What happened to the "big trade" that has yet to materialize? - The Dream Shake
Are the Rockets ever going to make an impact trade? Summer is almost over... what is Morey up to?

A very lengthy post on, yes, Ramon Sessions - Clips Nation
The Case for Ramon Sessions, from a Clips fan's point of view.

Hahn: David Lee Still a Sign & Trade Candidate - Posting and Toasting
According to Alan Hahn, Donnie Walsh is still considering sign-and-trade offers for David Lee before the two parties agree on a qualifying offer. What would make Knicks fans least sad?

Why the Wizards need an in-season trade to upgrade the frontcourt - Bullets Forever
A comparative look at how the Washington Wizards' big man rotation stands in terms of the major contenders for the NBA championships. The answer? Not good. The solution? Make an in-season trade, please.

Rec_mediumThe X Factor Report - Hedo Turkoglu - Raptors HQ
The X Factor Report - Raptors HQ looks at the importance of Hedo Turkoglu this coming season... great in-depth analysis of the Turk's possible impact.

Michael Beasley's stay in rahab was planned - Peninsula is Mightier
Apparently, the Beeze planned his rehab stint well in advance of Twittergate.

The Pistons are, Without a Doubt, a Playoff Team - Motown String Music
Charlie Villaneuva says there is no doubt that the Pistons are a playoff team. Bold statement, even in the East.

Allen Iverson is Creamy Peanut Butter - Rufus on Fire
Allen Iverson isn't anywhere near the best player in the league anymore, but Rufus on Fire has an analogy describing why he might be the right fit for the Bobcats. See, other SBN blogs go for crazy analogies too.

Rec_mediumAgainst the tyranny of the immediate. - Peachtree Hoops
Is improving from within, like the Atlanta Hawks did this off season, really not a plan at all?



Even More Hoops

Rec_mediumJackson wants out of Golden State - Sports Rumors - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
His preferred destination: "Either Cleveland, anywhere in Texas or out here with Al [Harrington] in New York."

Special Dime: 10 greatest point guards ever - NBA - ESPN
In an era of great point guards, the staff at ESPN try to figure out who the all-time greatest point guards are.

Hamed Haddadi: A Legend in His Own Mind? | PROTECT THE PAINT
Yipes. Can't believe I seriously thought the Spurs should trade for this guy.

Rec_mediumFree Darko: It's Judgment That Defeats Us
A good read from djturtleface, creator and author of SBN's Grizzlies blog.

Romel Beck gets medieval
I still don't know why Beck was so pissed, but it looks like he can hold his own in a fight.

Amare Stoudemire, Taoist? - TrueHoop By Henry Abbott - ESPN
I don't think Amar'e even knows what he's saying anymore.

The Math behind Basketball - Basketbawful
Well, it's the offseason.

Rec_mediumHardwood Paroxysm " Blog Archive " Changes In Attitude, Changes in Lattitude, Changes In Offensively Selfish Small Guards
Because really, when you think Allen Iverson, you think Jimmy Buffett.

Defining Success: The Backcourt | The Two Man Game
Rob Mahoney lists what the Mavs need to do in the backcourt to succeed.

Ball in Europe – European Basketball Blog " Blog Archive " Sportsbooks expecting blowout in France-Belgium AQR final
"Whoa, can Team Belgium’s chances against France tonight really be as bad as the bookmakers insist?" asks the author. Well, I think that's been answered.


PTR and Friends

Dunkin' Cheerleaders: A Potpourri of Amazing Moments #1
LatinD turns up the dial on the awesome machine.

Singletary: Alex Smith Is My Guy When I Need To Go Number Two | Bleacher Report
PtR's own Aaronstampler continues his day job, writing about the 49ers.



Completely Off-Topic

Brazilian Animators Invoke Urinating Jordan to Help Save Rainforest - Dan Levy - The Sporting Blog - Sporting News
CapHill found this hilarious commercial. Probably NSFW.

BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Single molecule's stunning image
Researchers have imaged single molecules in unprecedented detail, showing the chemical bonds that hold them together.


Pics of the Week




Yes, that's a hurricane heading toward Arizona. Good times.

Quote of the Week

"I really can’t get too much into it right now, but I’m just looking to go somewhere where I can go and win a championship," [Stephen] Jackson said. "Either Cleveland, anywhere in Texas or out here with Al [Harrington] in New York."