Witnessing Greatness

Just wanted to share my only experience to date watching the Spurs play live. Hopefully this will change sometime in 2010.

Sup peeps.Wanted to take this moment to share my one and only experience watching the San Antonio Spurs play live and in person.

It was game two of the 2007 WFC. I live in Tucson and decided this might be my best chance ever to go see the team I have followed for the last fourteen years or so. I went to a tickmaster website and purchased two not-completely-horrible seats, each setting me back about $300 dollars. ( That hurt ,as i am not made of money) One for me and one for my then girlfriend.

So we made the drive from my adopted hometown of Tucson Arizona to the valley of the sun , my no AC having car.( Not fun)

Anyway, it was LOUD in there. San Antonio kept it close for like,the first Quarter, hahahah. The suns ended up winning decisively and this one was out of reach by some point in the third quarter. However it was incredible to finally see these guys in person. I mean, I Have Hi Definition at my place....but this..this was incredible, even despite the crappy seats.It was amazing.

The two players whos performances remained etched in my mind the most were Tim Duncan and Steve Nash. Timmy was like a quarterback down there. It was incredible to see the spurs dump the ball down to him, watch Timmy survey the defense,then decide on a course of action...all within moments. Kurt Thomas was playing Tim PERFECTLY..but each time that ball flew out of Timmys hands ( and often banking off the glass) it found the inside of the hoop.Tims ball fakes and protection of the ball in that warzone known as the paint...were just phenomenal. I can remember thinking that I was truly, truly, truly ....witnessing greatness.

Yes ,Even Steve Nashs game left an impression on me....his control of the ball was legendary. His ball handle was otherworldy, as he reached every and any part of the floor he so chose to matter who was on him ( and for the large part of this game, it was the 6 ft and god knows how many inches of wingspan belonging to Bruce Bowen, that shrouded the relatively dimunitive superstar.) Steve was the entire Suns team. And despite the fact the Spurs 'D" was seemingly not allowing him to assist, Steve still managed to get shots for himself as well as his teammates.

Those two guys really stood out in my mind. And to this day I feel like I was fortunate enough to witness two of the greatest basketball EVER play this game. =)

One other person did stand out to me though. Even though his prowess didnt stand out like Duncans or Nashs. Despite the fact he had a bad game. This guy still seemed like the third best player on the court that day.........Manu Ginobili. I didnt get to see much of Gino in the game, as the contest quickly morphed into a route, and we all know Pop pulls his best players very quickly when this occurs...But i just recall Manu putting his head down to dribble, looking for his offense and roaming around the oppositions side of the court. Even while just dribbling around he seemed a bit out of control...yet in control. There was no wasted movement in his game.His exploratory dribbling displayed a powerful stance and I got the impression he could explode at any moment, even while just probing the defense...To be honest though, Raja Bell and the Suns defense saw to it that Manu did not explode.

Despite all this, Manu struck me as the third best player on the floor that day, despite the fact that Marion was there, and despite the fact that Stoudamire was there and having a good game.

Ill remember this forever. Hopefully I can fly to San Antonio this year and watch the spurs play sometime this season. While I do know someone in San Antonio, I may still need to bother one of you guys for a ticket.


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