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This Week In San Antonio Spurs Basketball: Monday Edition

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Another week, another TWSS post. We didn't have one last Thursday, but honestly, not much is going on lately - that's the offseason for you. The important trades are mostly done, the free agents have their money, and we're mostly looking at the magic ball to try to guess what's going to happen. (The Spurs are going to win it all, of course.)

But do stick around, please...

Anyway, things are happening in Pounding the Rock, at least. Those of you who obsess over the front page might've noticed the new widgets being built - they don't work as of right now, but ATS is working on them. In the meantime, there're new members to the site's staff ("staff"? oh my FSM that sounds so wrong): eloquent jollyrogerwilco, wise and elegant Lauri, lovely Caphill join HBIQ BlaseE in the tiny list at the bottom of the site. This makes them liable for anything that happens on the site, by the way, so you know who to spam.

The Music

I was going to choose something from 12 oz. Mouse again, but then I found this.

Play it on the background on a loop and enjoy the links.


Everything Black, Silver And White 48 Minutes of Hell: A Note of Caution: Work to be Done
Tim Varner writes: "I’m with Pop. The Lakers are still the favorites. The reason for this is simple: continuity. In some ways, it’s more difficult to work in new talent than it is to recover from the loss of talent. It’s a players league, but players flounder or flourish based on their ability to succeed within a system." He's a party pooper, but you should read what he has to say. Project Spurs: The Immortalized Spurs, Part III
A nice piece on Gervin I intend to blatantly plagiarize soon, by Fred Silva. Project Spurs: Bruce Bowen Will Be Missed
Fred Silva writes: "What Bruce Bowen meant to the Spurs depends on the person you pose the question to. For me, Bruce represented my favorite wrinkle to the game of basketball." Another good post by Mr. Silva. Keep an eye on this guy, people.

JSOnline: No surprise: Bowen released
Come home, Bruce. NBA FanHouse: Popovich Has Already Set the Bar for Spurs Season: Championship
Matt Moore says: "The San Antonio Spurs, of course, are a pretty rare team. And they have been for the last decade. And much of their success is due to their equally rare head coach." I thought this was an OTSTANDING article. Some disagreed, but fortunately for me, I'm writing this. So go, read and comment.

Sporting News: Sporting News' 50 greatest coaches of all time
John Wooden #1, but who's that guy down at #49 telling Herb Brooks and Tommy Lasorda to get off his lawn?

The BS Report: Simmons, Bucher, and Stein
We didn't have to call them on their BS, they did it for us. Oh, and Simmons + Stein pick the Spurs for the title IF Lamar Odom went to Miami. Oops? Power Rankings: July 30, 2009
Silver Star Sophia Young took a page out of Tim Duncan's book. I need to find that clip. Rookie Rankings: July 30, 2009
I'm sorry if I'm being crass, but please take note that Bonner is the number 1 rookie in the WNBA.

MySA: Ratliff hopes quest for ring ends with Spurs
Jeff McDonald writes: "Theo Ratliff, the 6-foot-10 center who signed a one-year, veteran-minimum deal with the Spurs last week, did so because he believes the team gives him the best chance of putting an exclamation point on his long and winding career."

MySA: Sacre bleu! Parker puzzled about Spurs insistence on more tests
As far as drama goes in San Antonio. Enjoy it.

MySA: Parker will stay in S.A. for ankle rehab
"Results of a Saturday examination of Spurs point guard Tony Parker’s right ankle by the team’s medical staff confirmed a mild sprain." The French were right? Huh.

MySA: Spurs adept at finding vets wanting a ring
"The Spurs are always looking for that veteran who provides leadership, slips into the system seamlessly and doesn't mind reduced minutes while chasing an NBA championship." And that's how we landed Jacque Vaughn. Yay.

The Hoop Doctors: 10 Greatest NBA Champions: #9 - 2005 San Antonio Spurs
Short and sweet.

DraftExpress: NBA Summer League Player Reports
Check out what they say about George Hill. Good analysis. Summer Notebook: DeJuan Blair - July 22, 2009
This is old as dirt by Internet standards, but we missed it the first time around. Sue us. Summer Notebook: George Hill - July 21, 2009
"Spurs second-year guard George Hill is excited about the Spurs' recent additions and the upcoming season." Summer Notebook: Jack McClinton - July 20, 2009
"Spurs 2009 2nd round draft pick Jack McClinton checks in with his second summer notebook." Summer Notebook: Ian Mahinmi - July 20, 2009
"Spurs center Ian Mahinmi describes what is like for him in preparing for the upcoming season and what he does on gameday." Summer Notebook: James Gist - July 21, 2009
"James Gist tells us some of the things he enjoys doing away from the court." Talking to ATS?


This Week In Pounding the Rock

Pounding The Rock: Team evaluations: Better, same or worse?
Who got worse and who got better so far in this offseason? Manuwar speaks up.

Pounding The Rock: Really? 5 in 10?
I drive TLO to a mistake, and a classic post is born. Love you too, TLO.

Pounding The Rock: Click Here to Get Huge
No, this is not spam. Rand speaks at length about our bigs, and he's hung up on double entendres.

Pounding The Rock: Let's Try This Again...
It was Manu's birthday! Again.

Pounding The Rock: My Team Is Better Than Yours: Los Angeles Clippers Edition -
BlaseE turns his eye to the Clippers. How well do they matchup to the Spurs? (Psst... not that well...)

Pounding The Rock: The Spurs Roster and Front Office - Method? Or Madness?
ATS writes about our FO's offseason moves. I don't want to spoil it for you, but the answer begins with an "M".

Pounding The Rock: Get to Know Your New San Antonio Spurs #4: Theo Ratliff
rikiddo completely ruins the mental picture I had about our next savior, but he manages to be positive about it.

Pounding The Rock: My Team Is Better Than Yours: OKC Thunder Edition
BlaseE "compares the Spurs to the Thunder with emphasis on last years stats, head to head recaps, roster changes, and a match-up preview." And he does not barf all over the other team this time. Check it out.


Around SB Nation Denver Stiffs: WHAT THE @#$& HAPPENED?!!
Denver Stiffs is now Pickaxe and Roll, and Pickaxe and Roll is now Denver Stiffs.

Bullets Forever: What can depth do for you?
How do we compare to the teams in the West, though? Check BlaseE's posts to find out. Golden State Of Mind: What does discount furniture have in common with Marco Belinelli?
"When insignificant NBA deals get blown out of proportion, a little perspective is needed." Now that's how you pick a title for your posts.

Silver Screen and Roll: Lamar Odom: From Insufferable to Invaluable
"Lamar Odom is safely a Laker again, and fans can breathe easy. Funny how quickly he went from a source of frustration to completely indispensable."

Blog a Bull: Tyrus Thomas: can one 'break out' in a water-treading season?
"Tyrus Thomas may be poised for a breakout year, but is it already too late for him as a Bull?"

Sactown Royalty: Where's the Map, Losing has me Disorientated
At least you're not the Knicks, guys.

Blazersedge: 60 wins: What Will It Take?
60 wins really helped the Cavs last season.

Third Quarter Collapse: Will Vince Carter Improve on Defense?
I say "no", but I guess stats disagree. What can you do? Clips Nation: How did we all become clipper fans
I had fun reading this. We should do something like it one of these days, when we grow bigger.


Even More Hoops APBRmetrics: Scorekeeper story
Read this and then let's have that guts vs. stats argument again, please. Pistons Nation: Coca-Cola as it pertains to the Pistons
I don't know how I found this, but it's well done. I chuckled - at Isiah. FOX Sports: Who are the NBA's most overrated players?
Charley Rosen goes medieval on some players' asses. It's brutal. You have to read it.

ESPN: Lamar Odom will return to the Los Angeles Lakers
Shock! Who hates Odom now? Or better yet, who doesn't?

Hardwood Paroxysm: Charming Masochism
Sometimes I can just look at their pictures... Oh, and this post is about the Bobcats. Slam: Video: NBA Top 100 Dunks 2008-2009
If you have 20 minutes to spare, dunks are still fun. What’s Left In Vince’s Tank?
10 gallons of Quitarade.

Sir Charles In Charge: Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen Tops Among NBA Backcourts
Just another widdle blogger lost in this big wide web and giving his take on things. Nelson/Carter? Really?

ESPN: Bill Simmons recaps the NBA offseason so far, using quotes from his favorite movie of the decade, "Almost Famous."
Those ESPN titles are so explicit, you really don't need me. Here's part 2.

Slam: Steph’s Cry For Help
Why Slam magazine shouldn't use psychology in their articles. NBA FanHouse: Stephon Marbury Gets Into a Car Accident, Live on the Internet
"As the seemingly endless hours of live video from Stephon Marbury continue to pile up, one thing has become clear: This is no longer must-see TV." I disagree. This video is must-see. Five teams that could be headed for a fall
"For every new team that reaches the postseason, there's an empty seat on the stage in Secaucus. And somebody's got to take it."

FOX Sports: For these guys, next season is a proving ground
Poor Vinny.

NBA FanHouse: NBA Permits Ads on Practice Jerseys
Money money money.

NBA FanHouse: Grizzlies Owner Cuts Scouting Staff From Five to Nothing
That explains a lot.

Electromech: 10 NBA Draft Worst Picks of All Time
How can you tell it's the offseason? People make lists. All the time. Non stop. 59 Is the New 30
"I wonder what the average N.B.A. player’s free-throw shooting percentage would be if he had to make free throws to get paid the way golfers have to make three-foot putts?" Huh. I wonder too, now...

Sporting News: Q&A with ... Lakers coach Phil Jackson
A dose of zen.

Hoopsworld: The Free Agent Update
"The top NBA free agents left on the market are mostly restricted and stuck in limbo."

Hoopsworld: Suns Nearly Overhauled
Ouch. Also, Jamario Moon thinks he's a mini LeBron James. Hilarity ensues. McGrady Expects Return to Elite Status

TrueHoop: Yao Ming's Absence: A Threat to the NBA's 2009-2010 Global Audience
"It doesn't take an MBA to assess that the powers that be are betting big on international audiences, especially in China. So, what happens if the single biggest driver of Chinese interest in the NBA is missing from the league, at a time when basketball is desperately in search of revenue?" Who's gotten better?
I still think the Cavs are dangerous. We'll see.

Yahoo! Sports: Knicks may take Allen Iverson over Ramon Sessions
AI in New York? A match made in Pastatopia, if you ask me.

Yahoo! Sports: Bobcats, Hornets complete Okafor-Chandler deal
No one wins. In Pictures: The Best-Paid Bench Warmers
"Who gets the most to play the least? We found out."

ESPN: Golden State Warriors' Marco Belinelli traded to Toronto Raptors for Devean George
Still nothing. Except that being a Raptors semi-fan-kinda-like-them isn't easy.

ESPN: New Orleans Hornets sign free-agent forward Ike Diogu
I'm sure Diogu is practicing his oops.

RealGM: Grizzlies To Sign Marcus Williams
I have nothing. Sam Smith: Taxing dilemma for NBA’s 2010 free agents
"With increasing taxes geared to the wealthy and the Bush tax cuts also coming off the books, it may be that the low tax states like Florida and Texas begin to have a big advantage over higher tax states when it comes to NBA free agents." Yeah, that worked out great for us with 'Sheed.

Truth About It: The Miseducation of Brendan Haywood
"How does Haywood's career best 2007-08 historically compare to other similar players and centers." spurchief, I've got your back. Good article, though.


PTR and Friends MDA Telethon
Tony Barrio (xman130) continues to work on the fund raising for the telethon on August 26th in El Paso, TX, benefiting the Muscular Dystrophy Association. MDA is an organization that devotes its resources to research and treatment of patients that suffer from muscular dystrophy and related conditions.

Tony's task in this year's fund raising activities is to try to raise $2,000 as an individual. The easiest way to contribute is through the page that was assigned to him linked above. On the page there is a list of the contributors and a graphic indicating how close the contributions are to reaching the goal. Contributions can also be anonymous (the names will not be displayed on the page) and are tax deductible, at least in the US. As last week, check it out.

Bleacher Report: Odd Named No-Names Hoping to Catch On with San Francisco 49ers
The first of many posts from our dear Aaronstampler in his new job as a NFL sports writer.

Bleacher Report: A Confident QB, An Unusual Workout Routine, and the Wonders of YouTube
Aaronstampler does his thang: "On a day when Brett Favre drew most of the NFL headlines by simply choosing to do nothing, the arrival of the relatively nondescript quarterbacks of the San Francisco 49ers to the team's facility in Santa Clara was greeted with little fanfare..."


Completely Off-Topic Collaborative music project
Of some sort. Sorry, can't describe it. But you'd better have a good connection and fast fingers.

Barats and Bereta
They make me laugh, I share. Boring link.

My Life is Average
In case someone missed it.

My Favorite Movie (Star Trek vs. Star Wars)
Nothing new under the sun, but I still loved it.

Bad Transcript: Star Trek
And talking about Star Trek... for those of you who saw the movie.

Handy Latin phrases
Non urinat in ventum, guys. Powerpig gallery
This works. Why does it work? Why?

Top 50 Text Acronyms Parents Should Know
FYI. Batteries Feel Included
Not reading this blog? Hmm, fix that.

Terrifying, explicit photos of a bear attack unparalleled in ferocity
Lauri chimes in with this link, and the next three. Blame her.

Hippie weirdo yoga farmers
I couldn't believe it at first, either

That's no angel
It's clearly the FSM.

Raquel Welch space-girl dance
The 21st century, the age of reason.

A list of sites
You'll probably see linked here at some point.


Because Internet is Multimedia

Ron Artest VLOG: Detroit Brawl
Can you say "forgiven"?

NBA Top 10 international plays from the 2008-2009 season

Guess who are number 3 and number 2?

1966 NBA All-Star Game and footage of random games from the late 60s

The lack of a 3-point line blew my mind.

So All Access: All-Star Weekend

Mandatory Silver Stars video. So all access.

Becky Hammon at the Silver Stars Golf Scramble

Mandatory Becky video. I love this woman.

Blake Griffin shows us his Juggling Skills

Or lack thereof. He looks just like a character from Slam Dunk... guess who?

Pic of the Week

Supersonicsoul did another great chart. If that's not enough for you, here's yet another.


I don't know why, but Vujacic, a random Chinese person and Ron Artest cracks me up. Odd couple, eh?


But hey, that's what happens when Ron Artest Hits Hollywood: