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This Week In San Antonio Spurs Basketball: Monday Edition

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So today I used a big part of my Sunday watching the Stars play and then writing about it. It's 10 PM here and I still haven't put together tomorrow's TWSS - this will be pretty rushed and we're still stuck in the offseason lull, so don't come in with high expectations.

Only the best half-weekly links post in the history of the universe, after the jump:

The Music

So today it'll be my choice. And of course I can't pick something meaningful or obscure like the other guys, so I'll just stick to Hipuks' trusty 12oz Mouse. Enjoy!



Everything Black, Silver And White

Rec_mediumProject Spurs: Remembering the Bruise Brothers
Michael De Leon looks back at the Spurs' history. Good read.

Project Spurs: The Immortalized Spurs, Part V
One of my personal favorites is profiled. No kidney jokes!

Bleacher Report: Celtics, Lakers, Magic, Spurs, Who is Heading For A Fall?
Too many short paragraphs. It's like a disease among sports bloggers. Also, it's depressing.

MySA: Jersey heist ends with probation term
120 dollars? I would've gone up to 130 easy.



This Week In Pounding the Rock

Slowest season of the season here at Pounding the Rock. We need more random topic posts.

Rec_mediumPounding The Rock: Offseason Photo Diary - Arizona
rikkido shows off his photos, and they're gorgeous.

Pounding The Rock: Roger Mason Wallpaper
Hipuks makes fun of ours wallpapers, but we love him anyway because he's funny about it.

Pounding the Rock: Unabashedly Onto The Silver Stars Bandwagon
Should we care about the other professional team from San Antonio?

Pounding The Rock: Silver Stars @ Shock Game Thread & Hack Recaps
More coverage of our San Antonio Stars: Recaps for the last two games, and a preview for our game against the Shock.



Around SB Nation

Peninsula is Mightier: Michael Beasley with a big 'boo-boo'
Beasley with a big 'oops' on his Twitter. He should get a "dumbass" tattoo.

Bullets Forever: Finding substance in the "Flip Saunders and Company Positive Thinking Media Campaign"
"Trying to find the real substance in Flip Saunders' proclamations and quotes to the media."

Ridiculous Upside: Ridiculous Transactions: 8/15-8/21
"A look at transactions from the past week involving current and former D-League players and coaches and players who stood out at Summer League."

Rec_mediumRidiculous Upside: Care About the D-League. Kthxbai!
Schroeder completes his post from last week. So care already.

Motown String Music: Ben Gordon to play some point guard?
Yeah, that'll work.

Rec_mediumSactown Royalty: Chemistry, do the Kings have it or not?
"Is there any combination of logic and stats that reveals a team with chemistry versus one without chemistry?"

Third Quarter Collapse: Create A Caption #26: Round 2
"The latest 3QC create-a-caption contest features Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson conversing with each other. " Not as good as the previous installment, but hey.

Rec_mediumBright Side Of The Sun: The unofficially official Phoenix Suns comic strip
"Robin Lopez in '08? Taylor Griffin in '09? Box n' 1 - the unofficially official Phoenix Suns comic - looks into the crystal ball to see if recent trend of drafting the lesser sibling will continue." Bright Side of the Sun is quickly becoming my second favorite SB Nation blog.

Rec_mediumBright Side Of The Sun: NBA vs WNBA: How do they stack up?
Phoenix Stan takes a look at how the WNBA game compares to the NBA.

Rec_mediumBright Side Of The Sun: Basketball metaphors I could do without
A great and humorous look at basketball metaphors like "playoff basketball" and "charity stripe"

Straight Outta Vancouver: Behind Blue Eyes: An Optimistic Look at the Future
I love djturtleface's use of images and his enthusiasm. He really deserves more readers.

The Dream Shake: Ruminations from the Bench: The NCAA can't vacate my gorilla dunks!
Ignore the cheerleaders.

Blazersedge: Blazers Sign Dante Cunningham
Dude was unstoppable in summer league. And you know how the Blazers are just starved for young talent. ::facepalm::

Rec_mediumIndy Cornrows: Granger Updates His Batcave Design
"Danny Granger discussed his career, future goals for himself and the Indiana Pacers, but more importantly, updated the plans for his batcave." Batcave? Really? Damn... I want one of those. Even without the tunnel entrance.



Even More Hoops

Rec_mediumBoth Teams Played Hard: The NBA Logo Ranking Project
This is fun (even though I shudder at what he'll have to say about the Spurs logo, which isn't something to write home about) and I agree with just about everything he says. Check his first entry (#30) to see the great classic Hawks logo, which I didn't remember.

Photos from NBA Caricatures, by Yurie Rocha
Mostly of Raptors player, but I liked them a lot.

OCRegister: Biggest heads of the class
olf mans up and admits the truth.

Dime: Source: Allen Iverson to the Bobcats
"Larry Brown. Practices. Allen Iverson. This ought to be interesting."

Yahoo! Sports: Is any NBA team still looking for the Answer?
"Allen Iverson's difficulty in landing a job this summer shows just how fast the All-Star guard is fading from relevance." Memphis not giving up Final Four run without fight
"No banners are coming down anytime soon. Not the 2008 Final Four banner nor the one honoring three seniors for an NCAA-record 137 wins." Where Rose steps the grass doesn't grow.

JSOnline: Delfino's release from Russia a relief
Bring it, Carlos.

AZCentral: 'Motivated' Amaré back on court
"Stoudemire returned to the floor for 1st time since having more fluid drained from his eye July 10." I love how they put "motivated" between quotes. NBA Could Be Model for a New Baseball Draft
"The N.B.A. model is appealing because it eliminates negotiating and controls costs, leaving teams unafraid to take the best available player."

NBA FanHouse: Does the NBA Owe Kareem Abdul-Jabbar A Chance?
"Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar made news Wednesday by complaining via Twitter that he's not being given a fair shake by NBA decision-makers."

NBA FanHouse: Tip-Off Timer: Red Auerbach Leaves on Top in '66
66 days remaining till the season starts. Remember '66?

The Detroit News: Shaq in a Speedo? Michael Phelps is reality star's season-finale foe
The Big Rip-off? Has a ring to it. The Voice Of Celtics Fans: NBA Owners making it rain
Said Spurs coach Gregg Popovich: "The way it is now, if you’re going to compete, you have to spend the big bucks."

Rec_mediumTrueHoop: Your Second-Favorite Team
Several bloggers reveal their backup teams. In my case it'd be the Bulls, historically, or the Rockets lately. Graydon Gordian asked the same question over at 48 Minutes of Hell, and many PTRers answered.

The Baseline: No Really, Gortat Is For The People
The Polish Hammer is wise. Lisa Leslie, the Face of the WNBA, Prepares for Life After Basketball
"Lisa Leslie, one of the W.N.B.A.’s original players in 1997, will retire at the age of 37 as the league’s career leader in scoring and rebounding, and as one of its most recognizable pioneers." Rockets, Mensah-Bonsu Reach Verbal Agreement
Good for Pops.

Big Time Listings: Utah Jazz forward Carlos Boozer lists his mansion in Miami for $6.9M
Nice hut.

Yahoo! Sports: Timberwolves still see Rubio in 2009-10 plans
An attempt at throwing some intrigue into our fantasy league draft.

MySA: Pure Fantasy: Looking at small forwards
David Kendrick looks at the top small forwards, with a special focus on sleepers and players with new teams. I'm not exactly going to agree with someone who puts Granger above Durant.



PTR and Friends

MySA: Founder of Owl Radio, Low Vision Club dies
Bonnie Truax passed away Aug. 13 of heart failure. She was 84, and the founder of the two great organizations: Low Vision Club and Owl Radio. Bell is a volunteer for the latter, and we wanted to add links to the organizations so that you can learn about the great work Bonnie did, and maybe contribute a little in your own way to their goals.

Rec_mediumOwl Radio
"Owl Radio is a free community service of the Low Vision Resource Center and is co-sponsored by Texas Public Radio and the San Antonio Express-News. The service provides daily radio broadcasts of newspapers, magazines and other information for persons who are unable to read regular print due to a visual, physical or reading impairment."

Rec_mediumSan Antonio Low Vision Club
The San Antonio Low Vision Club is a program of the Low Vision Resource Center, a non-profit organization assisting visually impaired people with education, mobility assistance, support groups, and socialization. The Low Vision Club promotes independence for people with limited or no vision. In addition to providing members with access to valuable information, the club provides the visually impaired an opportunity to talk with others who share their challenges.

Rec_mediumMDA Telethon
Tony Barrio (xman130) continues to work on the fund raising for the telethon on August 26th in El Paso, TX, benefiting the Muscular Dystrophy Association. MDA is an organization that devotes its resources to research and treatment of patients that suffer from muscular dystrophy and related conditions.

Tony's task in this year's fund raising activities is to try to raise $2,000 as an individual. The easiest way to contribute is through the page that was assigned to him linked above. On the page there is a list of the contributors and a graphic indicating how close the contributions are to reaching the goal. Contributions can also be anonymous (the names will not be displayed on the page) and are tax deductible, at least in the US. As last week, check it out.

Bleacher Report: Preseason Game Is Alex Smith's Super Bowl
It's funny how we try to care about the preseason. But hey, it beats the offseason. Michael Erler writes: "One of the easiest ways to look like a fool among your sports beat brethren is to suggest, even jokingly, that a preseason game, any preseason game, is meaningful..."

Bleacher Report: Hill Wins 49ers Quarterback Competition By Default
Michael Erler writes some more about the 49ers: "Maybe San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Mike Singletary knew what he was talking about when he said in the offseason that his team's mantra was going to be "Physical With an 'F'..."

Dunkin' Cheerleaders: Spencer Haywood Is Classy
Yet another NBA story I knew nothing about.



Completely Off-Topic

Reuters: Building block of life found on comet
"The amino acid glycine, a fundamental building block of proteins, has been found in a comet for the first time, bolstering the theory that raw ingredients of life arrived on Earth from outer space, scientists said on Monday."

BBC NEWS: Snorkel rice could feed millions
"A new "super" rice plant is developed which grows "snorkels" when exposed to floods."

Hapland 2 (and 3)
Just in case you didn't have enough with the original.

E-mails from an unpleasant person
It updated a bit over a week ago, so maybe one of you missed it. This week he's trying to sell his TV.

Stealing noms
Wait for the pounce.

You peed a little
The picture is down, but if you scroll down till midway through the page you'll see it. (Look out for the gray undies.)

Lank Thompson's "I'm A Handsome Actor"
Script fun.

Prankster Gets Verizon's CEO Private Address, Visits Him to Discuss Privacy
Internet vigilante FTW LOL PWNED. Ahem.

Robots Apocalypse's great section "Big Picture" is on a bit of a hiatus, but in August they had this creepy showing of killing machines created by people who are playing FSM, can't they see?!



Because Internet is Multimedia

The Onion: Baseball Superstar Accused of Performance-Enhancing Genie Use
Gotta love the Onion.

A Kings Fan Guide to Child Rearing
Via Sactown Royalty. Priceless.

Barkley Prank on Manute Bol
In case you didn't remember it.

Deron Williams and Kyle Korver Dodge Barrage Videos
The Korver Ohio video is priceless. Via SLC Dunk.

John Stockton week
NBA has been putting up some great videos about Stockton and Malone. Here's one of them that I liked a lot.

Playoff Top 10: John Stockton and Karl Malone
Okay, one more.

Michael Jordan Still Has it At Age 46
I bet you all saw this, but it's just so cool. I'll be telling my grandkids about this guy, I know it.


Pics of the Week

Rookie shoot pic of Eric Maynor
Wow. DeJuan looks better and better every day.


Rookie card of John Stockton
For comparison's sake. Stockton hasn't aged a day, has he?


Drew Gooden's offseason
Now there's a Spur if I've ever seen one.


The Laker's offseason
Should be interesting. By tony.psd from Golden State of Mind.



Quote of the Week

This week's argument in the Vitruvian Manu post reminded me of Francisco Elson's classic quote on the many uses of "gay".

"That’s a cheap shot by a low-class type player. You don’t do that. That’s gay on his part. I told him that he was gay, too, for touching me in my private parts." – Francisco Elson

That's an ex-Spur right there.

That's it for this week, guys. Hopefully next week I'll have more time, but I make no promises.

EDIT: xman130 comes through with a great deal if you want to get the ESPN magazine. Click here. It turns out to about 3 bucks per year, with a max of 3 years. Not bad for getting that magazine and insider access for less than 10 bucks for 3 years. The offer is valid for 8 more hours - and no, this isn't a sponsored edit. :)