Manu interview....

          Hey guys, i lifted this alleged Manu interview off of spurstalk. The interview is in Spanish, and the spurstalk member has attempted a translation of the first question regarding Manus recovery. You can go to the site yourselves.  


Manu talks about his recovery as well as his thoughts on the NBA, retirement, etc. I only translated the portion of the interview focusing on Manus recovery.


   Im not going to bother translating the entire thing. Got homework to do. Maybe one of you guys can translate the rest. I feel confident about my translation.( I went ahead and did my own translation of the only question the spurstalk member himself did)

 " In terms of recovery, what stage are you in ? "


Manu: I think I am well. Its been four months since the last time I played, and if its not been healed, id say its a very serious injury....The San Antonio Spurs have advised me against playing basketball, they say that rushing back is unnecessary. They have prescribed only the treadmill, bicycle and weights. No jumping has been allowed. There has been very little impact work done thus far.


" Are you at all concerned ? "

Umm, there is perhaps a bit of boubt. I want very bad to be 100 percent again,but sometimes ill allow a negative thought to creep in. Despite the fact that  im an optimist and believe in myself, it would still come as a big blow if the injury should reccur. Thats the only thing really...So I try not to think about that scenario


"It appears you have been working on your body mechanics. Did the trainers suggest to you a particular posture or gate you should be adhering to during your recovery? "


Manu: Theoretically, the fibula stress fracture was a product of mechanics more than anything. They tell me it could have been a result of favoring my surgically repaired leg, but others say this had nothing to do with it. The fibula is not a weight bearing bone, that is the Tibias job,the fibula only assists. That is why the fracture site seems a bit, odd, specially since it happened in the same spot twice. Once I am back on the court, there will be Bio-mechanic studies performed on me.

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