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Wallpaper: Dismantle Opponents. Build Titles.


I have seen quite a few Swiss army knife references on PTR. I think they started from Powell or Stampler or someone else describing Manu's many skills. It was then used to describe our many bigs and how they all serve a purpose. This was reinforced and fleshed out (without the analogy) by ATS when he wrote about "the Spurs' system and balance of skills". The closest case you could make is maybe Haislip and Bonner both being 3-point shooting bigs, but really the comparison ends there. Sadly there weren't more things out of the knife so I only used Duncan, Manu, Parker, RJ, Dice, Finley, Mason, Blair, and Hill. I had started a rough version a couple weeks ago and was motivated to work on it again by LatinD's Blair wallpaper.

Duncan is on the big knife because he is our biggest, best, and sharpest weapon. Parker is on the scissors because he cuts. Mason is on the screw driver because he can "drill it". Manu is on the bottle-opener/flat-head driver because he is the most versatile player and does everything. Hill is on the magnifying glass because he is a closer look at our future. Blair is on a smaller knife than Duncan because he is our next PF. Finley, McDyess, and RJ were just made to fit. RJ and Dice were tough because I wanted pictures that looked like they could be Spurs shots down the road. I didn't want any Pistons or Nets logos showing up.

For 1024 X 768:


LatinD and I want to make wallpapers a more regular post, so if you have an idea, post it and LatinD will feature it on the Wallpapers page linked on the left. It doesn't have to be explicitly Spurs related either. You can focus on PTR or something PTR related.


I forgot the PTR text and have added it. I didn't incorporate Pop, but I did add the AT&T center.