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This Week In San Antonio Spurs Basketball: Monday Edition

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Yet another week of hot offseason activity. And people complain about our offtopicness - writing about the Spurs in August is like squeezing water from a rock. Even my similes are boring.

The most awesome links you'll ever click on, after the jump.

The Music

Lauri picked the videos this week, and picks like these are part of the reason we love her so.

Adios, Les. Hope you're already in heaven laying down multi-tracks with Mary.

"Les is single handedly responsible for the direction and evolution of the modern rock movement. Period. If you are a fan of modern music, you owe Les Paul an enormous THANK YOU!"

Dave Navarro


Everything Black, Silver And White

Rec_medium48 Minutes of Hell: The Embrace of Limitation
Tim Varner is right, Tim Varner is wise. We should be paying for this stuff. Read what he has to say about the Spurs and their program before someone hires him and he can't focus on the Spurs any more.

Rec_mediumProject Spurs: The mythical second year jump
David Thiessen of Project Spurs explores the prospective contributions of Roger Mason and George Hill in the upcoming season.

Project Spurs: Top 5 Worst Spurs Playoffs Memories
Painful, so painful. But a good list nevertheless.

The Boston Globe: Spurred into action
Great site, unimaginative article on the Spurs' offseason. Tim Varner liked it well enough, and notes that Pop seems to say that Bowen definitely won't be returning to San Antonio. Lalalalacan'thearyoulalalaaaa

MySA: Parker gives Italy Les Bleus
Tony Parker appears to be back up to full speed, and France is two games from qualifying for EuroBasket.

MySA: Leaner Mason aims to keep key role
"Last year I had a good year. This year, I want to have an even better one." Roger Mason Jr. Visits Boys and Girls Club
"Roger Mason Jr. Visits the Boys & Girls Club of San Antonio and hands out some pointers on shooting." Richard Jefferson at Summer Camp
Who's that tall man with curly hair at the beginning? Could he be... The Son Of Walton?!

YTMND: They Got Thabeet
I just linked to a YTMND... I feel odd.


This Week In Pounding the Rock

Pounding The Rock: My Team Is Better Than Yours: Golden State Warriors Edition
The seventh entry in BlaseE's series comparing teams to the Spurs for the '09-'10 season. This entry compares the Spurs to the Warriors with emphasis on last years stats, head to head recaps, roster changes, and a match-up preview.

Pounding The Rock: Sizing up the West
rikkido explains: "A wholly unprofessional opinion of the newly revamped Western Conference. Enjoy." I disagree - this looks pretty professional to me.

Pounding The Rock: Manu’s Magical Mystery Tour
Ever wondered what Manu did in the offseason?

Pounding The Rock: Traffic Jams, Crossovers, and the Pedestrian Future of the NBA
CapHill shows off her engineering knowledge and entertains us at the same time. She's a keeper, fellas. Go read this now.

Pounding The Rock: Spurs 2009 Preseason Schedule
Please be careful, Spurs - Olympiacos might buy the AT&T for their Summer Camp.


Around SB Nation

Rec_mediumRidiculous Upside: We Want YOU... To Care About the NBA D-League
"Care about the D-League because I said so!" And because just about every young Spurs player has been in the Toros.

Ridiculous Upside: Ridiculous Transactions: 8/8-8/14
"A look at transactions from the past week involving D-League players and coaches and some NBA and Summer League players."

Rec_mediumRidiculous Upside: Straight Repping: D-League PR Hilarity
"Maine Red Claws bring you one heck of a catch." This is priceless. LOBSTER ALERT!

Rec_mediumBright Side Of The Sun: Box n' 1
"Steve Kerrs moves have been well reported, but do you really know how far his hand reaches? Box n' 1 - the unofficially official Phoenix Suns comic - shows you."

Rec_mediumBright Side Of The Sun: A Man's Guide to the Phoenix Mercury
Will Cantrell teaches us to love the WNBA. He's a wise man.

Bright Side Of The Sun: Exclusive Game Photos: Mercury vs Silver Stars
Some exclusive photos from BSotS of the Silver Stars' loss to the Phoenix Mercury. Great shots.

Bright Side Of The Sun: Offseason boredom...watdogg10 style
"Amare Stoudemire has become Sun is this artist's interpretation of the movement." Just a drawing of a player I despise, but I loved the minimalistic style. Five colors, lineart... Check it out and give the artist some feedback.

SLC Dunk: What Boozer SHOULD HAVE said
Or "What Boozer Would Be Like If He Weren't Boozer".

The Dream Shake: With these Rockets, there is no weakest link
We all think the Rockets' chances of winning this year are non-existent, but I love the attitude of the guys at The Dream Shake. It's the kind of thing I'd be writing if the Spurs weren't so loaded right now.

Canis Hoopus: For the women in your life
Hmm. I'm not sure whether this belongs here, and I debated with myself for a while before including it. The bottom line is, it was posted in SB Nation and I think it's a message worth reading.

Denver Stiffs: Rarely magical for Denver in Orlando
The Nuggets don't play well in Orlando. Check the comic pasted in the first comment.

Clips Nation: Yo Mr. Perrin
Clippers fans having fun with their blog's tagline. Some of the suggestions are hilarious.

Blazersedge: What Did Hollinger Say?
Despite the overabundance of stats, this was a good post that analyzes one of Hollinger's key hypothesis: "scoring margin predicts future success better than winning percentage". It doesn't reflect positively on the 2008-09 Spurs, though.

Straight Outta Vancouver: John Hollinger Calls Grizzlies Roadkill
"Is this a fair title? I don't think so." djturtleface wrote this introduction: "First off, it's practically impossible for a grizzly bear to be roadkill. They are simpy too big even for that Robosaurus thing from monster truck rallies to flatten out on the interstate. Also they are rare, sheepish creatures who don't frequent highways and often avoid areas with high human densities." Yup. Instant classic.

Rec_mediumLiberty Ballers: Playing Pickup at the House that Ed Built
Michael Bourn from Liberty Ballers gets to play basketball at the brand new Wachovia Center. Color me envious.

Welcome to Loud City: Finally, the Thunder Makes Some Summer Headlines
Rumble the Bison has been named NBA Mascot of the Year. There is no God.

Blazersedge: Contest Entry: Single Best move
Portland Trailblazers contest: Memorable Fan Moments. Loved this one.

Third Quarter Collapse: Create A Caption #25: Round 2
I had fun.


Even More Hoops

FOX Sports: These guys put some D in the NBA
Rosen lists the top NBA defenders in his own opinion. RJ makes a surprise appearance.

Lex Nihil Novi: Still No Word on Bird
An article from 1991 about Larry Bird's injury status. I love these, especially when they are looked at with the knowledge of what happened later.

Hoopsworld: What's In A Name? - The East
"The Orlando Juice? The Washington Sea Dogs? The Boston Unicorns? Had things gone differently, these all could've been NBA teams, but thankfully, they're not..." Draft Oddities
"The modern NBA Draft is a science. Coaches and scouts make painstaking efforts to allow for as little error as possible. And who can blame them? The draft is only two rounds (58 picks) long. But there was a time that the NBA Draft went seven rounds (1987), 10 rounds ('84), even 20 rounds ('73). With so many picks, teams were free to take some chances. And take chances they did."

Slam: Special K
"Blessed with an array of offensive skills unlike anyone else in the NBA, Kevin Durant is poised to become the game’s next megastar." Lauri will like this one.

Basketball Fiend: NBA Offseason Grades (2009) - Southwest Division
Yet another list - but it has the Spurs as number 1, so hey.

Rec_mediumESPN: Villanueva: 'Hairless Wonder Contest'
"Charlie Villanueva names a winner for his 'Hairless Wonder' contest." I have a lot of respect for Charlie after this contest. He proved he's self-aware and has a sense of humor, and educated one silly Argentine about alopecia, an unfortunate disease. Nice going, Charlie.

MySA: S.A. NBA player Foster set to earn degree
"Indiana Pacers center Jeff Foster, a former Madison star, will walk across the stage Friday to pick up his diploma at Texas State."

Rec_mediumYahoo! Sports: Who wants Pitino? Not the NBA
"Rick Pitino pushed hard for the Kings job. His fall from grace at Louisville reveals why he didn't land it." Brutal, but well written. Some JTUs for Adrian Wojnarowski.

The MetroWest Daily News: Pitino legacy now stained
Nope, still don't care. Maybe someone does.

FOX Sports: Pitino ran into the biggest dynasty in sports
Somehow I don't care. (Also, this is pretty stupid.)

Indianapolis Business Journal: Time will prove the wisdom of building stadium
If only the Pacers' FO had this kind of courage.

Bulls Blog: Dwyane Wade buys $1.4 million Chicago townhouse
"Has Dwyane Wade purchased his Chicago dream house as a prelude to signing a free agent contract with the Bulls next summer?" Hmm, Wade and Rose in the same team... Class Warfare Index: Comparing haves and have-nots
"Using data from the 2008-09 season obtained by, Jim Grinstead of Nashville-based Revenues from Sports Venues created a series of indices illustrating the disparity among high- and low-revenue teams in the NBA." The Spurs? Kinda-haves.

JSOnline: Ex-Spur Thomas is part of plan
Good luck, Mad Eye.

NBA FanHouse: Quentin Richardson Traded Again
I love everything in this paragraph: "Quentin Richardson has now been traded four times in seven weeks, the latest to Miami in exchange for Mark Blount. We definitely have a handle on Q's value -- no player has ever had their worth marked so finely. If you wanted to, you could figure out just how many DeSagana Diops or Etan Thomases you could for your Q. In a way, Quentin Richardson has become a new form of currency." Tom Ziller, ladies and gents.

NBA FanHouse: Married Men Kindly Request Reggie Miller Stop Flirting With Their Wives
In other news, it's the offseason. (Personally, I think it's retired legenditis. Poor guy.)

NBA FanHouse: With Butler Trade, Hornets Smoothly Slipping Toward Solvency
And irrelevancy.

The Root: The 2010 NBA Free Agency Fallacy
"Teams are promising to spend big money on big talent next summer, but is it mostly an excuse to be cheap now?"

Raptors Republic: Wanted: Somebody who can post-up
Good post from the best Raptors blog I know of.

Free Darko: Out of the Wormhole
Sometimes I wonder if Free Darko is too much for me. So Parker's crossovers are more unnecessary that Rondo's? Whatever. Ben Wallace so Cheap he made the Value Menu
Damn, Ben Wallace is really cheap.

AZCentral: Colangelo eyes Chicago Olympics
"Jerry Colangelo has a World Series trophy and a gold medal. He has earned the respect of everyone who remembers Phoenix as a dusty desert pit stop on the road to somewhere else. And now the countdown has begun."

CNBC: Nets Make Stars Of Opponents
This is just sad.

TrueHoop: The Secret of Silk
What was Jamaal "Smooth as Silk" Wilkes's secret? NBA TV Top 5 Poll
Fan Voted Top 20 '08-'09 Games. Spurs are in 4, and we aren't in the losing end in any of them.

FoxSports: Top 10 shooting guards in NBA history - Photo Gallery
Guess who's number 1 indeed.

Trailer for a documentary about how Seattle lost its basketball team. Carlos Boozer, Tracy McGrady could be on move soon
A fun little mailbag by Chris Mannix. He even talks about the Spurs a little.

Orlando Sentinel: 11 NBA experts rank the Eastern Conference
Sounds about right. And Washington is 5th - still the Leastern conference. Germany without Nowitzki at European Championships
And apparently Mark Cuban is Wayne's new hero.

Examiner: Stephon Marbury smokes marijuana for camera

Dime Magazine: The experts pick LeBron & Shaq to win the East; Starbury is done
Meh. Former NBA player guilty of mortgage fraud
"45-year-old Grant Gondrezick, a former NBA player, has pleaded guilty in a mortgage fraud case that involved the sale of 24 homes in Houston suburbs."


PTR and Friends

Rec_mediumMDA Telethon
Tony Barrio (xman130) continues to work on the fund raising for the telethon on August 26th in El Paso, TX, benefiting the Muscular Dystrophy Association. MDA is an organization that devotes its resources to research and treatment of patients that suffer from muscular dystrophy and related conditions.

Tony's task in this year's fund raising activities is to try to raise $2,000 as an individual. The easiest way to contribute is through the page that was assigned to him linked above. On the page there is a list of the contributors and a graphic indicating how close the contributions are to reaching the goal. Contributions can also be anonymous (the names will not be displayed on the page) and are tax deductible, at least in the US. As last week, check it out.

Musical Randomness: Dave Matthews Band – Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King
spurchief reviews another indie album. Go read, listen and drop him a comment or 10.

Bleacher Report: 49ers Pass Rush Fails To Show Up For Opening Bell
Aaronstampler AKA Michael Erler (or was it the other way around?) writes some more about the 49ers. "'Thank god it's preseason,' were the first words out of San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Mike Singletary's mouth in his postgame presser late Friday night, and doesn't that just about say it all?"

Bleacher Report: Unknown San Francisco 49ers Receivers Hoping to Catch On
Michael Erler writes: "A month ago, you had to wonder what Arnaz Battle, Dominique Zeigler, and Micheal Spurlock were thinking." Stop trying to make me care about this silly sport, Michael.

Dunkin' Cheerleaders: That Magic Feeling
Just a few videos about Magic done by the NBA that you really don't want to miss.

Dunkin' Cheerleaders: Best Ever: 2000 Times Vince Carter
My favorite performance by my favorite dunker. Don't judge me.


Completely Off-Topic

Lauri also helped with this one. The second half of these links belongs to her - so you know who to blame.

Arnold from The Magic School Bus gets his Yearbook Signed
This is one only those who watched that cartoon as kids will understand. But hey.

Rec_mediumE-mails from an unpleasant guy
Does it again. You were looking for a summer job? You got it.

Rec_mediumBrilliant Woman Solves All of California's Problems
I feel so intelligent after watching that.

Wheel of Lunch
There are some true unsung geniuses on the Internet.

Multimedia Journalist
I don't understand how a guy with a webpage this awesome hasn't been hired yet.

Rec_mediumThis dog
Has seen some shit that would give you nightmares for years.

Leaked photograph
From Dallas Mavericks training camp.

A 1988 high school drill team
I really don't know what else to say about this - the picture speaks for itself.

Arrested indeed
The U.S. public finally gets its priorities in order

Law & Order
Adds yet another new cast member. Oh, and as long as we're talking about Batman...


Because Internet is Multimedia

The Silver Stars' YouTube channel has finally put up recaps for some of this season's games. There are some great plays in these, so I wholeheartedly recommend them. Lovely women, great players. And Becky rocks my world.

In case you're interested, the Stars destroyed the Mercury on Saturday, and are currently third in their conference with a 11W / 13L record. The game leaders? Why, Becky Hammon and Sophia Young, of course. By the way, Vicki Johnson played her 400th WNBA game, a league record.

I wanted to give the WNBA a good ol' school shot, so I checked and some games will be broadcast for free by If you're interested, follow this link and click on "live access". If I find the time, I might look into creating some open threads for our gals. Maybe some of you will join us - it can't possibly be less popular than the eurogames, can it?

Silver Stars vs. Monarchs: June 26, 2009

Silver Stars vs. Sky: July 3, 2009

Silver Stars vs. Lynx. July 12, 2009

Silver Stars vs. Monarchs: August 11, 2009

George Hill Supports Hoops and Hounds Night
Guess who went to support our gals? I love this kid. I wonder if someone coaches him on how to be the perfect Spur?

Manu por los chicos (Manu for the kids) - UNICEF 2009
A clip that shows Manu visiting a school and talking to the kids, during a telethon to raise funds for poor children in Argentina. If this bores you just skip to the 5 minute mark to watch Manu "paint" his first masterpiece. Here's another interview with Manu (in Spanish) where he shows his new stamp. Manu says he still hasn't played a single game, but he's already working out normally.

Chicago Bulls Rookie James Johnson Breakdancing At 2009 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot
He's got game. Watch Griffin sit down and allow the kids some fun before the season starts.

NBA 2K9 Spurs Remix
I wonder why these 2k9 remixes are so freaking popular... In any case, it's a good one and focuses on our beloved Spurs. So bear with it.

Living with First-Person Shooter Disease
That could happen to me.

Pics of the Week

Manu's marathon took off in Bahia Blanca
Just another day in our dear dogooder shooting guard's offseason.


Two legends
Just an amazing photo intuitive posted over at Silver Screen and Roll. Here's to another 50 years for Magic.


Another classic Magic photo
It's so sad that I never got to see Larry play.


The 76ers' new court
Looking good.


Yi gets no respect
Pow! Right in the kisser.


Where Red Lobster happens.


Oh Noes It's TruWarier
Courtesy of olf over at the FanShots section. This photo finally proves that he's a spy sent by Silver Screen and Roll to infiltrate us and put the fear of FSM into our hearts. Burn him!


Kyle Korver driving a tractor
Sometimes comedy just... happens. (Go to SLC Dunk and participate on their caption contest!)


Quote of the Week

Just another section I thought of when I read Laimbeer's classic quote:

Basketball is a very simple sport. You bring what you got. We bring what we got. Throw the ball up, and let's play. Our team. Your team. At the end of the day, only one team walks off the court with a W. Injuries, tiredness, bad calls -- that's all [expletive].

Expletive indeed. Good day, folks.