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This Week in San Antonio Spurs Basketball - Thursday Edition


It's a pretty slow week in Spursland. But that doesn't stop us from scouring the internets for anything and everything basketball-related. Slim pickings means it might get a little crazy, so make sure you wear some protection.

Avast, knaves! There be links beyond the jump!

The Music

Lauri's nomination:

My own nomination: The song title was inappropriate. Plus, it's one of my favorite bands.

ATS also nominated this gem(sorry, no embed available), in honor of Tim Varner's latest story at 48 Minutes of Hell. That story is the first link below.


Everything Black, Silver And White

Rec_medium 48 Minutes of Hell " Falling Down an Elevator Shaft and Landing in a Pool of Mermaids
Tim Varner examines the precarious position of Peter Holt.

48 Minutes of Hell " Fabricio Oberto, Cool Guy
Fab is going to be wearing #21 in Washington. Why is that, Fab? "porque es el día de mi cumpleaños (NdeR: de marzo) y también en honor a Tim Duncan."

Does Tony have competition??? -
Eva Longoria Parker was on hand for Saturday morning's practice, and she spent several minutes afterward chatting with Tony Romo... (pics if you click it)

Rec_medium Debate: "The Memorial Day Miracle" vs. "The TD 3" - Project Spurs
Jeff Garcia of Project Spurs compares the 2 most memorable Spurs shots of the TD era.

Rec_medium RealGM - Retooling the Spurs
The Spurs have managed to upgrade or hold strong at every position this offseason. Their biggest challenge coming into this season will be to integrate all of their new players into a system that has already been successful.

5 Things I Think I Know About the Southwest Division | Dime Magazine
Ben York's take on our division.


This Week In Pounding the Rock

Rec_medium My Team Is Better Than Yours: Minnesota Timberwolves Edition - Pounding The Rock
The sixth entry in BlaseE's series comparing teams to the Spurs for the '09-'10 season. This entry compares the Spurs to the Timberwolves with emphasis on last years stats, head to head recaps, roster changes, and a match-up preview.

CADTWNHMS #2: The Number Five - Pounding The Rock
Jolly likes fives.

Blair Pillages Your Village - Pounding The Rock
Grizzly Blair gets the wallpaper treatment, courtesy of LatinD.

UNICEF images of Manu in Argentina - Pounding The Rock
janieannie shares some images of Manu's most recent charity event in Argentina.

Quantifying Tim Duncan's value to the Spurs - Pounding The Rock
Gino20 points out a rather atrocious article from FoxSports.

The Battle for the 5 title and rights to team of the decade - Pounding The Rock
Manu-20 gets a little hyperbolic. Can you blame him?


Around SB Nation

Wally: "They [the Nuggets] are very interested in me"... - Denver Stiffs
Wally World in Denver? Not that it really matters.

Rondo or Odom? Who will be the better 4th man.Key to a title. - CelticsBlog
Yeah, keep ignoring us. We like it that way.

Hornets Trade Rasual Butler to the Clippers - At The Hive
The Hornets have traded Rasual Butler to the Clippers for a future second round pick. While it appears a straight salary dump for now, New Orleans at least has options at the 2.

Clyde Drexler: Blazers Are #1 Western Conference Threat to Lakers - Blazersedge
Provocative title, and a topic that we'll be addressing soon in another post.

Rec_medium The 2009 Off-Season - A Case of Deja-Vu for Raptors Fans? - Raptors HQ
Vicious D shares his insight on the Raps' offseason, and draws parallels to another offseason from earlier this decade.

Leon Powe to the Cavs - Fear The Sword
SBN's Cavs-dedicated blog shares their take on the Powe signing

Rec_mediumThe Rockets Are Apparently Serious About This Affiliate Thing - Ridiculous Upside
Jon L needs money to pay for his carpal tunnel surgery. Seriously, this guy blogs a lot. But he's good at it - show him some love.

Rec_medium Baby, Were We Born to Run? - Canis Hoopus
Are the Timberwolves the NBA's newest high-octane running team?

Deconstructing the Destruction of Beno Udrih - Sactown Royalty
Looking at Beno Udrih's 2008-09 season, and wondering how he can get back to good.

Common Misconceptions About the Phoenix Suns - Bright Side Of The Sun
Good read from iamtrevorpaxton over at the SBN Suns blog.


Even More Hoops

Does Emeka Okafor + Chris Paul = Karl Malone + John Stockton? - HoopAngle: Hornets Edition
And you thought Spurs fans were optimistic.

Rec_medium Hardwood Paroxysm " Nichols and Dime: Analyzing Changes in Shot Types Over the Course of a Game
Interesting, if not surprising... analysis.

Rockets, Budinger Get Deal Done -
The Rockets went ahead and signed Chase Budinger. No surprise there.

NBA free agents: Denver Nuggets forward Linas Kleiza takes Olympiakos' offer - ESPN
Denver Nuggets forward Linas Kleiza is on his way to Greece after signing a two-year contract worth $12.2 million with Olympiakos on Monday.

Von Wafer signs with Olympiacos - EUROBASKET
And Ira Newble signed with OLY's greek "rival" Aris! Oh wait, that's not news-worthy.

Kobe's expensive website - Ball Don't Lie
Kelly Dwyer is a KOBE HATAH!!! OK, a Kobe-website hater.

Hardwood Paroxysm " Ten Thousand Strong at Least
Rob Mahoney thinks that Boston is a wise pick to come out of the East.

Lakers' Pau Gasol sidelined three weeks after finger surgery -
Don't anyone start talking about karma. It's not like it's his ankle.

5 Things I Think I Know About the Northwest Division | Dime Magazine
Ben York at DIME continues his division previews.


Completely Off-Topic -- Newfound Planet Orbits Backward
The star and its planet, WASP-17, are about 1,000 light-years away. I move that this planet be named Ron Artest.

Speeding player thought police were fans chasing him - Yahoo! News
Sunderland midfielder Grant Leadbitter, explaining to a court why he was caught speeding, said he thought the police patrol car following him was in fact a car full of Newcastle United fans chasing him for a fight.

Criss Angel's Nephew Forced To Sit Through Another Lame Mindfreak | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
Ahhh, The Onion.

Rec_medium BBC - Earth News - Himalayan treasures threatened
Awesome photos, even if you don't read the captions. readers’ geeky tattoos - MSNBC
Wow. Just... wow.


Because Internet is Multimedia

Here, have some Marcus Haislip highlights:

Pic of the Week

Don't let the smile fool you

Well, that's it for the half-week. LatinD(or somebody) will be here on Monday with your full-week version of TWSS.