Hipuk's Pictorial Journey: Part 1; Volume 2, Page 44. The Getty Museum.

As I have seen from the lack of activity and comments around the site, this place is absolutely dead without me, but don't despair, for I have returned.

For those new to PTR, allow me to introduce myself, I'm pretty much the coolest PTR member. Now that that's out the way, let's move on to the explanation for why I was away; my significant other came over for two weeks, and after the Lakers won the chip, I didn't feel like checking out anything basketball related.

The only sport that I have followed is Formula One, which has one boss who made some rather controversial comments. Thank god for the other boss, Max Mosley, son a former leader of the British Union of Fascists, and caught on tape having a sado-masochistic orgy with several prostitutes dressed as Nazi guards.

Anyway, on to the pictures. Since I took a shitload of them and you people have the attention span of a crack baby, I have divided my pictures, excuse me, my artwork, into 4 parts. You will notice the lack of people in the pictures as I am unable to relate to fellow human beings.

This are from the world famous Getty Museum. As you can see, I visit museums at my age instead of going to Six Flags, proving I'm much smarter than everyone else.

All the pics have been minimally retouched, mostly contrast and brightness, none of that photoshop crap. The last two pics have been black-and-white-ized, because I felt like it. Enjoy.

This is the food court, where people eat.



"Trapped in the closet"



This is a beautiful bust of an armless man, who will live through history despite his disability.



Apparently California is into its third year of drought.



I think this picture reveals the openness of the museum without revealing too much of its intimate character, therefore striking a perfect balance between two different forms of visual razzmatazz.



In the same vein of the Jesus with blue eyes historical fallacy, the artist expect us to believe Jesus and his followers were actually made of gold.



It's actually a disposable paper plate, go figure.



This closeup picture reveals in excellent detail the soldier's ass.



An excellent portrayal of human agony and suffering, inspired by the recent Lakers victory.



There's nothing particularly good about this picture, except I wasn't supposed to take it.

A security guard told me I couldn't take pictures of artwork in that area as the artwork wasn't owned by the Getty Museum, so I told him, " Excuse me, do you see my camera? It's a Digital Rebel, REBEL, you fucktard. Do you think I abide by the rules that people with other cameras abide by? No I don't, I rebel against them. So me and my digitally representation of the object I took a picture of are going home, deal with it". Then he broke down and cried.



A view of the museum's desert garden and of the city. I told you I wasn't using photoshop, look at that sky, it sucks.



A pattern of cacti, serious photographers like me take pictures of patterns, because we are serious about our photography.



Just another genius picture of the museum's architecture.



An abstract picture of the museum's ceiling. Yes I take abstract pictures sometimes, no I'm not a hipster.



Another abstract picture. I think it mores than makes its point about the current situation in Darfur, as I first intended when taking this picture.



That's all. Stay tuned for the next three installments. Why do we say stay tuned anyway? Nobody tunes anything anymore, it's all digital. That'd be like saying, "Get ready to crank-start your car!". It's useless. Just testing out my stand up material.

Prints are available by going to the photobucket link and printing the pics by your damn self. When I'm famous they'll be worth a lot more so get them while they're cheap.

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