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San Antonio Spurs Summer League: Game 3 - Postgame Discussion Thread

Many things happened tonight, good things, things we can feel happy about. And we even won our third straight game of this Summer League.

The Blair/Mahinmi frontcourt gelled tonight, combining for 33 points and 6 offensive rebounds, and despite a lackluster performance rebounding defensively they're proving to be everything we hoped they would. Hill had some silly turnovers, some dubious turnovers, and some plain old turnovers, but he was still spectacular in every aspect that didn't involve shooting a triple. Malik Hairston can shoot, he can finish at the hoop with an explosive final step, and he can look old. Taking into consideration George's precedent, Jack McClinton is destined to become the best Summer League player in the history of the league... next year.

Yup, it's another good day to be a Spurs fan. Come discuss the game, right after the jump:

The boxscore of the good guys: