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NBA Summer League Day Seven Preview and Live Game Thread

The exciting game today is the San Antonio Spurs against the Oklahoma City Thunder. The tip off is at 7:30 Spurs time in the Thomas & Mack Center. This will be my first game outside of the Cox Pavilion.

The Spurs will look to maintain their unbeaten record. You may think it is JUST Summer League, but these guys still want to win. As Ian said, "It just feels good to win those games".

The rest of the schedule gives me no excitement. We've seen everybody at least twice now.

Another 6 on tap today with the guys I would watch if you want to do your own microscope. Rosters are behind the links. The scoreboard and game feeds are at This will be your last chance to see the Raptors, Bucks, Rockets, and Warriors.

  • Raptors vs Bucks at 3:00 - DeMar DeRozan and Brandon Jennings. DeRozan is just magical. Jennings is the best point guard in the Summer League. Yeah, the best point guard in the Summer League. Nobody has better vision and ability to create easy buckets for his teammates.
  • Rockets vs Lakers at 5:00 - The Rockets are gritty and Chase Budinger has gotten steadily better.
  • Hornets vs Warriors at 7:00 - Anthony Randolph had 42 the other night. He's unstoppable with this talent level and the tight way these games are called.
  • Spurs vs Thunder at 7:30 - Spurs. Nuff said.
  • Mavericks vs Cavaliers at 9:00 - We'll see if Rodrigue Beaubois is healthy. I'd also like to see Ahmad Nivins dominate this match up with Darnell Jackson.
  • Clippers vs Grizzlies at 9:30 - Lot's of good young guys in this one. Blake Griffin, Mike Taylor -- who has struggled, DeAndre Jordan -- who has not, Eric Gordon, Hasheem Thabeet, Darrell Arthur, Marcus Williams, DeMarre Carroll, and Sam Young.