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NBA Summer League Day Six Preview and Live Thread

Good lord almighty. We are halfway through. Another 6 games on tap today. I'll be on 4 of them.

Make sure to vote in the ATS Summer League Microscope poll. I'll probably do more than one guy during the day.

Come on in and see what Day 6 has in store for us.

Wow, what a horrific song to come on when you are in Vegas and away from your wife for 2 weeks. The Police doing The Bed's Too Big Without You. Killer fricking bass line.

We don't have anybody that hasn't played, bu the following teams are playing their second game: Wizards, Knicks, Bulls, Blazers, D-League Select, Suns, and Nuggets. Yep, these are Spurs time. The rosters are behind the links.