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NBA Summer League Day Five Preview and Live Thread

We get a late start today, but we have 6 more games on tap. Our San Antonio Spurs play their second game. We also get 4 new teams today. The Knicks, Wizards, Bulls, and Nuggets. Your full, yet abbreviated preview, is beyond the the jump.


George with his pregame face.

Ok, here go. As always, all times are Spurs times.

Players of interest today:

Knicks: They have the all bust team. Tskitishvili, Korolev, Sene. Oh, and Jordan Hill

Grizzlies: Thabeet, Haddadi, Arthur, Marcus Williams, Sam Young, DeMarre Carroll

Wizards: Young, McGuire, McGee, Heytvelt, Crittenten

Cavs: NONE

Warriors: Curry, Morrow, Randolph, Cartier, Atchley

Bulls: Taj Gibson, Linton Johnson, Anthony Roberson, DeMarcus Nelson

Lakers: NONE

Thunder: Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Serge Ibaka, BJ Mullens, Shaun Livingston, DJ White

Spurs: Everybody

Nuggets: [Update] Ty Lawson, Coby Karl, Ronald Dupree, Sonny Weems, Kareem Rush

Clippers: Blake Griffin, Eric Gordon, DeAndre Jordan, and Mike Taylor

Hornets: Julian Wright, Darren Collison