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NBA Summer League Day Four Preview and Live Thread

We have a full day on tap. The Thomas & Mack Center is hosting games today as well to give us 6 games. You get definitely get your money's worth off of NBA.COM.

The schedule. All times are Spurs time. Rosters are behind the links.

  • Timberwolves vs D-League Select at 3:00 - I want to keep an eye on Flynn, Ellington, Brewer, and Henderson today. Siler, a very large man playing center, is a dark horse. The D-League team has nobody I recognize.
  • Suns vs Mavs at 5:00 - It is our first look at the Suns and they Suns have 4 probable roster guys in Alando Tucker, Robin Lopez, Goran Dragic, and first round pick Earl Clark. They also have second round pick Taylor Griffin and former Texas A&M Aggie Josh Carter. The Aggies are well represented in Vegas. For the Mavs, the question is do we get the day one Beaubois or the day two? I'm also interested in Nivins who was great in game one and average in game two.
  • Trailblazers vs Raptors at 7:00 - Another first look team in the Blazers, although their obnoxious fans have been here for a couple days. Well, they aren't obnoxious so much as loud and rude. Is that obnoxious? Anyway, the team has Bayless and Jeff Pendergraph. They don't have a stacked club like in years past. The Raptors have been getting good play from Quincy Douby and DeMar DeRozan is getting better with every minute he's played.
  • Lakers vs Clippers at 7:30 - Today's marquee game and the opener in the Thomas & Mack Center. It's the Blake Griffin show. The Clips have a load of talent, and a lot of rotation guys. Griffin, Eric Gordon, Mike Taylor, and DeAndre Jordan. The Lakers are Adam Morrison and Ben McCauley.
  • Pistons vs Warriors at 9:00 - This is probably the day's best game. It is the third game for both teams and they both have young guys who are playing very well. Too many names to list, but if you are going to watch one game today, make this the game.
  • Bucks vs Kings at 9:30 - Another set of teams playing their third game. Jennings and Evans should be a great matchup. Jennings is quicker, but Evans is much stronger. I'm wagering that neither coach matches them up with the other.

Let's get day four going. I'm well-caffeinated and feeling it today.