48 MoH: Haislip Signs for Vet Minimum

This is really good news.  Here's a link to the article over at 48 MoH.  This means that the Spurs still have their Bi-Annual Exception.  That's just under 2 million.  This of course means that they can make another move if they don't like what ATS sees at the Summer league.  Ok, I'll stop stealing all of the info from 48 MoH.



I'd like to see the Spurs use the BAE if the FO isn't sure they have some good players from the summer league.  I'm not sure who would sign for the BAE that would be a help, but it's fun to think about..  Shoot, I might give the 2 million to the Knicks so they can sign Odom.  Regardless, this means that the fun off-season might not be done quite yet.

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