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NBA Summer League Day One Preview

I'll be taking in a pair of division rivals today. The two games I'm targeting today are the opener between the Rockets and Warriors, and the night cap between Dallas and Milwaukee.

The full schedule. All times Spurs time.

Follow me in for who I will be keeping an eye on.


When it comes to players I want to keep and eye, James White tops the list. Yeah, you know, The James White that won a ring with the Spurs.

I'll keep an eye on Aussie Brad Newley for our down unders. Speaking of down under. I want you guys to explain Thunder From Down Under. Beef cake alert, ladies.

They also have two second round picks that they purchased: Jermaine Taylor and Chase Budinger,

Golden State

Another Aussie, Joe Ingles, is playing for the Warriors. I wonder if he is part of Thunder From Down Under.

Anthony Morrow and Anthony Randolph are both playing. They should be dominant.

We'll also get our first look at the Amare deal killer Stephen Curry.


First rounder and Nando De Colo Cholet teammate Rodrigue Beaubois is listed on the roster. Rodrigue is George Hill's height and boasts a greater wingspan.

Fellow Frenchman Mickael Gelabale is playing. His 'From' is listed as 'Unknown'. I think he's from one of the French islands in the Caribbean.

Otherwise, they don't have many guys that really interest me. Lots of names I recognize, but nothing that grabs me.


Mr. Auspicious, Brandon Jennings, is playing. He hasn't had the best go of it lately. He got left off his team's playoff roster in Italy. Showed up at the draft late. Posted a YouTube rant. Jennings is the player who went to Italy to play pro ball for his mandatory one-year out of high school before you can go pro year. However, he went with the 10th pick, a little unexpectedly high.

Last year's #1 pick Joe Alexander is playing. I'd like to see him. When he came out last year they talked about what an athletic freak he was. I didn't hear much about him after that.

Luc Mbah Moute is on the team. He had a good rookie year last year and is supposed to be an excellent defensive player.

Salim Stoudamire, who spent training camp with the Spurs last year, is playing. Hopefully, his groin is healthy.

User Participation

If you guys have players you want me to watch or anything else you are intersted in, let me know.