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San Antonio Spurs Announce Summer League Roster

I know this because Timothy Varner over at 48 Minutes of Hell told me. Thanks. Check out his post for his take. I'll try not to plagiarize the whole thing. For some reason, his opinion and my opinion are similar. What's that opinion? Clickety, clickety, to find out.

The "As Expected" Group

  • George Hill
  • Ian Mahinmi
  • DeJuan Blair
  • Jack McClinton
  • James Gist

The "ATS Had The Inside Scoop" Group

  • Eric Dawson

The "ATS Has Got To Be Beside Himself With Joy, I Can't Believe He'll Be Playing" Group

  • Nando De Colo

The "He's the Next Best Thing To An Argentine" Group

  • Marcus Vinicius

The "It Makes Sense For Them" Group

  • Malik Hairston - This is his best spot to shine and make a team
  • Squeaky Johnson - He's Toros veteran. His real name is Carldell. Mrs ATS loves that he's called Squeaky.

The "Guys ATS Will Have To Research Before His Trip" Group

  • Donnell Taylor
  • Antonio Anderson
  • Romel Beck
  • Alonzo Gee

Where the hell is Marcus Williams?

Here's where Timothy and I see eye to eye. I can't see how he's not playing with the Spurs this summer if they are picking up his contract for next year. He's either going to be cut or traded. I can't see anything else happening. It just doesn't make sense. My antenna are on high alert. Or as my old boss said, "my spidey senses are picking something up".