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From Greece He Comes

Can't touch this

That's the Spurs for you. 'Sheed? Ariza? Those are too obvious. Who wants Pau Gasol, anyway? Nope, according to our good friends from 48 Minutes of Hell, the Spurs have offered a three-year contract to one Yiannis Bouroussis. Apparently he's some sort of mix between Archimedes, Plato and Matt Bonner. Championship, here we come!

Get to know our next European hope, after the jump.

Okay, I'll admit it. I don't know the first thing about this guy. But then again, I'm sure most of you hadn't heard about him before today, either. So far this is what we know, thanks to Bruno from SpursTalk:

  • Greek newspapers report that the Spurs have offered more or less $10.5M for the next 3 years. But take this with a grain of salt the size of Tony's pool.
  • Pop talked to Bourousis at the Euroleague Final 4 (no, Bourousis didn't win, thankewverymuch). And we all know what a silver-tongued devil Pop can be. He's ours.
  • Bruno says that Parker called Bourousis. Money in the bank, fellows.
  • The Spurs have given him tickets to visit SA and get to know his future stomping grounds.

There you go, fellas. Not much information, really, but we'll try to stay on top of things. In the meantime I flexed my YouTube muscles and tried to find as much footage as possible on our mysterious would-be savior, so that we could all get to know him a little bit. There's honestly not much out there, but I've never let that keep me from judging a player.

In short, Bourousis is a true Spur. And by that I mean that he's incredibly boring to watch. The man can dunk, which is great, but I think I nodded off midway through one of his two-handed no-flash-but-effective slamma-jammas. Stats say he can rebound, he can shoot the three (and his jumper looks 45% less awkward than Matt's), he can post up and apparently he can even drive to the basket - all in a nonexciting fashion that should have us reminiscing about Pops' short midwinter dream, unless it nets us a chip.

Seriously, though, he looks like a solid addition. A bit slow, but strong, and certainly better than anything we've had at the 5 for years now. A few more random positives before the videos:

Let's see now what he looks like, shall we?

Camby who?

Whatever happens, I like that the FO is taking risks. And that they do it "the Spurs way".