My name is DTM and i'm a SPURS fan

whats up PTR! I've been a spurs fan since they drafted the admiral, so coming up short in the playoffs like the spurs have the past 2 years is nothing new for me, but after winning 'ships as often as they have lately, you want your team to get back to that position asap, especially knowing that your franchise player that's responsible for it isn't getting any younger.

strangely, i've just stumbled upon this board. but i've been reading a few posts for about a week now and I like the MATURITY in here, similar to 48moh, which is why I plan to keep coming back.

anyway, i'm hype about the summer league because i'm hoping these young guys step up this year and play their part to get us back to where we expect our team to be, contending for another championship!

a little about me, live in NY, born in 76, married, father of a 2yr old and a 2month old.

huuuuuuuge diehard fan of the mets/SPURS/bears.

thanks for having me.

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