Free agent big men available to the Spurs

So the draft is over, and a decent big man dropped to us at #37. For all the praise we've received after drafting Blair, he isn't the answer to the Spurs' big man problem. Unless Ian Mahinmi starts kicking ass and taking names, we still need a starting big next to Duncan, so who's available?

Here's a list of free agents I stole from an NBA message board I frequent.

Zaza Pachulia
Mikki Moore
Sean May (r)
Juwan Howard
Aaron Gray (r)
Joe Smith
Lorenzen Wright
Brandon Bass
James Singleton (r)
Chris Andersen
Johan Petro (r)
Antonio McDyess
Rasheed Wallace
Rasho Nesterovic
Lamar Odom
Chris Mihm
Hakim Warrick (r)
Jamal Magloire
Jason Collins
Shelden Williams
Melvin Ely
David Lee (r)
Chris Wilcox
Malik Rose
Adonal Foyle
Theo Ratliff
Stromile Swift
Channing Frye (r)
Ike Diogu (r)
Drew Gooden
Jarron Collins
Paul Millsap (r)
Marcin Gortat

Obviously (r) means restricted.

There's not a lot of great talent on this list, to be honest. And obviously, there are other big men out there who may be on the trading block.

I hate to say it, but I think 'Sheed might be our best bet if we can get him for what we have to offer. Zaza and Rasho also seem like viable options, but I'd rather not go there, given a choice. But let's discuss this. Out of that list, who do you all think are the best options? Or should we be looking for another trade?

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