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San Antonio Spurs 2009 Draft

Let's get our draft hats on. You hear!

The draft is a mere week away and we need to educate ourselves. What's out there? What do the Spurs need? What should I be drinking? You see, I left the most important question for last.

You KNOW the hook has a bite now. Don't fight it, just come to the surface and roll over. Show me your belly.

What's out there?

All draft knowledge and research begins and ends at Draft Express. Jonathon Givony and his minions are the bomb. You can read about the draft other places, like Chad Ford's Mock Draft and KobEspn, if you want. But you only get the first 5 picks if you aren't an Insider. Seriously, you want me to pay for some yahoo's analysis of picks in a mock draft (I'm sure Chad is a good guy and knows his stuff. I'm not knocking him. But I'm not paying)?

Go check out this mock draft instead at Draft Express. They just knocked it out of the park last year for accuracy in the draft. They don't justify each pick, but you can click on the players name and get a stunning history of scouting on them. You want to be titillated, go read the June 7th, 2009 report on Nando De Colo (yeah, he's French and I want him) from the Eurocamp.

The problem ESPN has is that the sex of the draft is in the top 4-5 picks. But the real basketball fans care about ALL the picks and they don't cover those as in-depth as Draft Express.

If you are looking for a second opinion, go to NBA to look at their mock draft. I'm not quite as in awe of their work -- I don't see the Spurs taking two seniors from Marquette late in the second round -- but they will give you a good counter balance.

What do the Spurs need?

Talent. Um, sorry, youth. Ok, um...well, they need things they aren't going to get in this draft.

We have three picks in the second round. 37, 51, and 53 overall.

Not to bust your bubble -- long aside but I have a story to tell. A few years ago my wife, my mom, and I were eating at the Chili's in Seguin, TX. Yeah, I know, but it isn't Cracker Barrel. The waitress, a cute young woman of about 18, is giving us the lowdown on the desserts and is trying to sell us on some chocolate pie thingy and says, "It just busts in your mouth". Now, my wife is a kind woman (on occassion) but it was all she could do to not start laughing in this poor girl's face. To this day we still make jokes about things "busting in your mouth". -- but the Spurs are VERY, VERY unlikely to get any help in this draft.

I only see it happening in two circumstances. One, the Spurs trade a couple of their second round picks and some cash for a mid to late first rounder because they see another value guy like my man George Hill. Two, the Spurs, against all odds and reason, ship Manu off to some other team for a decent player and a top 3 pick. Ok, I really only see one of those happening but I was giving Bellasa a blood pressure check.

Another aside. Speaking of Bellasa and a blood pressure check, I've been thinking about her lately with all these Manu trade rumors going around. These rumors are just absurd, btw. The Spurs aren't trading Manu for some two-bit glorified role player making the same amount of money. Manu is an All-Fucking-Star. Not only that, he's a serious ass gamer. Their are only a handful of guys like that in the league. You don't trade them for energy guys and draft picks. Sorry, you just don't. So, as I was saying, I've been thinking about Bellasa. And listening to Tanya Tucker.

You have to know a couple things about me and Tanya Tucker. First of all, my dad loved her. Second of all, I bought one of my first LP's at Bussey's flea market, back when it was cool, and it was Tanya Tucker's first album. The one she put out when she was like 13 or something. It may have been called Delta Dawn. It had a picture of her in a white dress running in a bunch of trees. I was 9. Nothing but pure thoughts, I assure you.

So, I'm listening to Tanya's Greatest Hits the last couple days and it strikes me that this woman is singing about the kind of heart break that Bellasa would feel if Manu announced, no demanded, a trade. Tracks 2, 3, and 4 are the heart-rending types of songs that speak to a jilted woman's soul. Therefore I give you:

I don't expect everybody to listen to all of that so I'll pick out the highlights of the lyrics.

  • Delta Dawn - Cause she walks around town with a suitcase in her hand, looking for a mysterious dark-haired man
  • Don't Believe My Heart Can Stand Another You - So go your way I've had enough, the game you play is too damn rough
  • The Jamestown Ferry - (Possibly the coldest lyric ever sung to a woman) He just caught the Jamestown Ferry, it's not a hot day in January like he said it'd be, if he ever left me. A case of Gone was all he carried, as he got on the Jamestown Ferry and he said that Gone was all he'd ever be. (SiMA, I think of you for some reason).

Anyway, we really can't expect much from this draft but some names to follow for a couple of years in Europe.

What Should I Be Drinking?

Well, it's summertime and it is HOT!!! here in South Texas. Naturally, red wine. My recommendations:

  1. Saketinis - Yeah, sake-based martini's. 8 oz filtered sake, 1/2 cup of mashed cucumber, 2 teaspoons of sugar, hefty squeeze of lime, chill on ice and strain
  2. Prosecco - I prefer Pirovano. It's $12 at Whole Foods. Cava Brut's are also good.
  3. Infused vodka martini - bruise a couple Kaffir lime leaves (from the Kaffir lime tree in your backyard), pomegranate juice (the pure, not the blend), and sparkling water. Chill and strain.
  4. Tormaresca Neprica 2006 from Puglia, Italy. Got it at Twin Liquors for about $12-13. It needs to be opened 6-8 hours in advance, but craptastic that baby gains some character. When you open it you have about an $8 bottle of wine. Six hours later you have yourself a find.

I think we should put this up to a vote. DFJMED get your poll on. Let's determine the official PtR drink of the 2009 draft.