Crazy Arguments/Discussions That Would Never Happen Mid-Season #1

So I’ve got three different fanposts I've already begun about different topics that weren’t appropriate mid-season fodder, but today this topic started up and I was compelled to flesh it out.

Matching Mythological Characters to positions.  Thanks to CapHill for the idea of this thread.

Hermes at the point: wings on feet=very speedy, distributes messages/dimes with ease


Achilles at the shooting guard: agile, very clutch, comfortable leading the attack


Loki = defensive specialist (trapping, deception) – gotta give a nod to Norse mythology too




Hercules at power forward: good with his back to the basket or facing up, quick hands, sees court well, great anticipation, cleans out a mean stable


Atlas at the five: if he can support the entire sky, then there’s no way you’re pushing him off the block – once he establishes position, you can forget about trying to defend him.


Prometheus as a bench player: great basketball IQ; terribly durable due to being able to instantly heal from any injury, always available for spot duty if anybody goes down with a torn ACL or turned ankle, or liver torn out by an eagle.


Ulysses in the Horry/Finley experienced vet who’s too old to play anymore role




Homer and Cyclops (post Ulysses) at the referees: first, they’re both blind; second, Ulysses and Cyclops would already have a Duncan/Crawford-level grudge in place.





So, who did I miss? Or do you have anybody that you think fits better?

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