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San Antonio Spurs Offseason Schedule

The offseason gets busy now for the next month. In quick succession, we have the draft, the free agent period, and the NBA Summer League. Yours truly, The ATS, will be attending the NBA Summer League.

The Draft

The NBA Draft is Thursday, June 25th. The Spurs have three picks in the second round. #'s 37, 51, and 53. I can't imagine we will get any help in the draft for next season. That doesn't mean I'm not excited about the draft. I am. The Spurs might be movers on draft day. I could see them acquiring a pick. Or not. Or drafting three euros. Or not. I'm just saying I didn't expect George Hill last year and he turned out alright.

Free Agent Period

Teams can begin talking to free agents on July 1. They can't sign them to contracts until the league finishes up its paperwork on the salary cap. That is usually a week later but on occasion has slipped a few days. Rumors are sure to be rampant about what the Spurs are doing. Of course, they usually don't do much. Still, it is an exciting time.

NBA Summer League in Las Vegas

I'll be there. I can't wait. It's going to be a road trip from hell. Or to hell. Hmmm, let me think about that one. I know one thing, between here and there is a Bobcat that I need to take a Bite out of. Know what I'm saying?

The summer league runs July 10-19. The Spurs play on the following days:

  • Sunday, July 12
  • Tuesday, July 14
  • Thursday, July 16
  • Saturday, July 18
  • Sunday, July 19

You can find the full schedule at Ridiculous Upside.

The rosters have not been announced yet, but I have high hopes for the quality. Here are my choices:

  • George Hill - You know I'll be wearing my Hill jersey. I think the Spurs will want him to run the point. My goal will be to meet George.
  • James Gist - I think they'll want another look at him. I know I want a look at him.
  • Ian Mahinmi - He just needs to play. And maybe not get hurt.
  • Marcus Williams - I think he's on a non-guaranteed contract and they will have to make a decision on him.
  • Malik Hairston - Malik will be playing somewhere for somebody. I think it makes sense for him to try to showcase his skills in a system he knows fairly well.
  • The Spurs three second rounders - I'm hoping one or two will get some time. It just depends on who they select and what they are up to.

I imagine I'll be posting like a madman during the Summer League. So you guys be on your toes.

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