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Hey there sexy, how YOU doin'?

I just quoted Joey Tribiani. These things happen when you're single, unemployed and it's 12:31 a.m., I suppose.

Sexy Bikini Link

You filthy perverts.

Anyway, some quick notes.

1. I was wrong about Cle-Orl Game 4. It wasn't low scoring at all, Mike Brown didn't take away Orlando's threes (I think I've severely over-estimated him, and my opinion of him wasn't high to begin with) and he didn't make Hedo and Rashard drive. He basically panicked after the team lost Game 3 and reverted back to the defensive strategy (or lack thereof) of Games 1 and 2. Apparantely Brown was the only person in the building who didn't get that the Cavs lost Game 4 because of their crappy offense, not their fairly respectable defense.

2. One prediction I did get right in the game was that whichever point guard played better, his team would win. Alston destroyed Mo Williams, so they won.

3. The reverse happened in Game 5, so thusly, the Cavs won.

4. Even with all of their threes and their obvious advantages from top to bottom, LeBron is still basically outplaying the entire Orlando team one on five. Even when Orlando wins, they're just doing it by going on runs during the five or six minutes a game that LeBron is on the bench.

5. I think Orlando will win Game 6, but Howard's gonna need to have a big night and avoid fouls. And it'd be nice of Alston to show up.

6. Boy knock me over with a feather, who woulda thunk that J.R. Smith would completely stink in a Game 5 on the road? That's not the big game player I know.

7. Nuggets will win Game 6 easily, but lose their composure down the stretch in LA in Game 7.

8. Of course the calls won't go their way. It doesn't help their cause when a third of their rotation is comprised of complete jackasses. You think the league wants to showcase that for the casual fans in the Finals? The Spurs may have been boring, but they weren't tasteless and classless.

9. I had a long day Friday. Lunch with dad for the first time in forever (we aren't close), then basketball for the third day in a row, then dinner with mom and her boyfriend where I caught the second half of Orlando-Cleveland, and then I spent the past two hours writing (not this).

10. Stampler news might be coming soon. Brace yourselves. All you ladies that have major crushes on me may need to sit down.

Because... you know... most people use the computer while standing.