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Dallas Mavericks at San Antonio Spurs - Game 5 Thread

It just might be a train

The most important national "gauchesco" poem in Argentina is "Martín Fierro". It tells the story of a "gaucho" (a far manlier cowboy) called Martín Fierro as he's drafted, fights against the aborigines, defects, is chased by the military, fights in knife bouts, sings in improv battles, rescues damsels in distress and has a series of adventures John Wayne could only dream of. (Here's the original book in Spanish, and a complete English translation, in case you're curious.)

A halfhearted translation of the most famous stanza would be:

Brothers should stand by each other
because that is the first law;
Keep a true bond between you
always, at every time
because if you fight among yourselves
you'll be devoured by those outside.

As the season winds down and here at Pounding the Rock we debate whether barbed realism or dim hopefulness are the right attitudes to maintain for this year's postseason struggles, I decided to reflect a little on the site itself and put off the Spurs until the real preview, further down. Bear with me, please.

It sure has been an eventful year for Pounding the Rock, and the Spurs blogosphere in general. First and foremost, Matthew Powell, the blog's creator and the main author in previous seasons, left us, so Wayne had to valiantly take over. I'm not sure what will happen in the future, but I expect nothing but good things from Wayne. Michael is still around doing that amazing thing he does so well, and now rikiddo's taking an active role in the previews and recaps. All in all, a fine crew that keeps this site running, and as a reader I sincerely appreciate their daily effort.

What I truly didn't expect was the creation of 48 Minutes of Hell, and its rapid metamorphosis into one of the best NBA blogs in the Web. Us Spurs fans are incredibly lucky to have talented writers like Graydon Gordian and Tim Varner gifting us with quality articles day in and day out. As always, if somehow you haven't visited 48MoH yet, you're doing yourselves a great disservice.

But first and foremost I'm thankful for the many regulars (you know who you are) that participate in PTR with their comments, FanPosts and FanShots. I've said this before, but to me "watching the Spurs" and "commenting on the game thread" have practically become synonyms. You guys are what keeps me coming back every day, and if when all is said and done everything that was accomplished this season is just to form this group - well, I say it wasn't a complete waste, not at all. So chin up, fellows, and let's enjoy what could very well be the final game of the season with an old-fashioned PTR game thread.

After the jump, I actually talk about the Spurs. Yay?


Game Time: 8:30 Spurs Time,
10:30 pm Argentina
4:30 am Palestine, Egypt, 9:30 pm CET
9:30 am Perth, Japan, 8:30 am Philippines
10:30 am Guam
9:30 EDT, 7:30 MDT,
6:30 PDT/AZ "#@*! you, other states" Time


Tony Parker
Michael Finley
Tim Duncan
Matt Bonner
Bruce Bowen

Jason Kidd
Jose Barea
Erick Dampier
Ah, no
Dirk Nowitzki
That was
Josh Howard
images via
54-28 Regular Season 50-32
2 Season Series 2
28-13 Home 32-9
26-15 Road 18-23
97.0 Offense 101.7
93.3 Defense 99.8
46.6 FG% 46.2
38.6 3-pt% 35.0
76.1 FT% 81.9
41.0 Rebounds 42.7
11.7 TOs 12.7
PF infinity
Mojo ?
? Winner

Starting Matchups

Point Guard

  • Tony Parker vs. Jason Kidd

What else could we possibly ask of Parker? He's performing at the highest level in his career, and it simply hasn't been enough. If we lose this series, it won't be Parker's fault. I urge you to read Hardwood Paroxysm's analysis of the the Spurs' series to get an idea of how much we've leaned on him lately.

And if we win tonight, it will be because of him, too.

Shooting Guard

  • Michael Finley vs. J.J Barea

This isn't a matchup I expect to see materialized on court. Finley can't possibly keep up with Barea, so he'll be assigned to Howard instead. Unfortunately, Finley can't keep up with Howard, either. That said, if there's one guy in this roster I would bet on making a big shot tonight, that's Finley. For all the criticisms he receives every day, he can always be trusted to play him game, limited as it may be, regardless of perceived pressure.


  • Tim Duncan vs. Erick Dampier

Duncan says he's feeling as healthy as he's been this season. I believe him. I also think that the news of his decline have been greatly exaggerated, and that he still has many good seasons left on him. I can't imagine Tim not having a strong game on a win-or-go-home situation.

Power Forward

  • Matt Bonner vs. Dirk Nowitzki

This is, I believe, Pop's biggest mistake. Bonner simply can't keep up with the Mavericks, and he's been dinosaur dung ever since Gooden joined the team. But people are quick to forget that a few months ago he was considered his biggest success, and we were all grateful that he'd stuck with him. At some point we need to stop blaming the coaches for the player's shortcomings.

Pop, as usual, has proven to be open to mid-season changes and adjustments. He put Bowen into the starting lineup, like just about everyone wanted, and Hill got solid minutes in game 4 even though that contradicted his pre-playoffs statements. I'm hoping that Bonner will be next, and he'll be benched in favor of Kurt or Drew.

Small Forward

  • Bruce Bowen vs. Josh Howard

Bruce is another guy who has proven he still has it. I expect him to return next year and play spot minutes against the young stars of this league. Even today, there're not many one-on-one defenders as skilled as him. I expect him to harrass Barea into some timely turnovers.

Everything else

  • Bench - When exactly did Gooden turn from GOAT to goat? Apparently he was so bad in game 4 that people forgot how effective he was in some stretches of the first three games. There's absolutely no reason not to play him and Duncan together, especially if Kurt remains in uselessness mode.

    Hill had a good game. Hopefully we'll see a repeat of that tonight.
  • Coach - Enough has been discussed about Pop and the FO in this blog lately. He is what he is, and I love what he is. You're allowed to disagree with me... if you want to be wrong. Luv you, Pops!
  • Intangibles - I have no idea. I like to think that being on the brink of elimination will ignite a fire beneath our role players and assorted scrubs, but that's only "sports talk". I'm sure these guys are professionals, and have given their all in the four games.
  • Mojo - Need I remind FSM that Cuban promised to dive into the River Walk if the Mavs lose? Don't you want to see that, o Noodly One?
  • Winners - Spurs, please, lest PTR implode.

Keys To The Game

  • Tony -This is his series and right now this is his team. A bad day from Tony would practically doom us. So Tony, don't have a bad day.
  • Rebounds - It's a bad sign when even Duncan isn't rebounding at his usual rate, and it's even worse when the other bigs fail to pull their weight on that area, too. Grab that ball, dammit!
  • Small 12 - This is a team. We won't get anywhere if the guys not named Tim or Tony don't make their open shots - that's a fact no amount of coaching or heroics will change.

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