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Dallas Mavericks at San Antonio Spurs - Game 2 Thread

We're so going to dodge that

We've talked a lot about game 1, so I don't think there's much else to be said. We're before our first true must-win game of the season. Let's make some changes, focus, and win this game.

I actually forgot it was my turn to write the preview, so get ready for the very first Hack Preview (tm PTR) of these playoffs. It should be fun!

Game Time: 8:30 Spurs Time,
10:30 pm Argentina
3:30 am Palestine, Egypt, 9:30 pm CET
9:30 am Perth, Japan, 8:30 am Philippines
10:30 am Guam
9:30 EDT, 7:30 MDT,
6:30 PDT/AZ "#@*! you, other states" Time
Please not
(or Bavetta)


Tony Parker
Roger Mason
Tim Duncan
Matt Bonner
Michael Finley

Jason Kidd
Jose Barea
Erick Dampier
Dirk Nowitzki
Josh Howard
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54-28 Regular Season 50-32
2 Season Series 2
28-13 Home 32-9
26-15 Road 18-23
97.0 Offense 101.7
93.3 Defense 99.8
46.6 FG% 46.2
38.6 3-pt% 35.0
76.1 FT% 81.9
41.0 Rebounds 42.7
11.7 TOs 12.7
PF infinity
? Winner

Starting Matchups

Point Guard

  • Tony Parker vs. Jason Kidd

Switching to 1st person for a second here: Tony, Tony, Tony. You can be a force of nature when you're defended by people slower than you (that'd be just about 99% of this league), but fast, pesky defenders give you trouble. Recognize that and try to move the ball around, please. Also, I wish you'd go to your jumper early and see if it's as effective as it was for the entire season, instead of late in the game when penetrating fails to work. Kidd is hurting, I hear, so remember that.

Shooting Guard

  • Roger Mason vs. J.J Barea

I hope that Mason has the chance to test his playoff mettle soon - but not tonight. Barea was a nightmare for Tony, but I think the Spurs overplayed him a little. If we stop him from penetrating and kicking out we should limit the number of dagger threes that put away the game in the 4th. And hopefully Tony will wait for the screen instead of going one-on-one on Barea. (I don't know if Barea will start... but he should.)


  • Tim Duncan vs. Erick Dampier

Stampler (I think - or was it someone from ST?) was right on the money on this one - playing with two bigs at all time should help cut down on the offensive boards given to the Mavs. Dampier hurt us with a couple of tip-ins that could've been easily avoidable. Timmy has to destroy this guy. Destroy him. If that doesn't happen, look forward to more "fire Pop" FanPosts.

Power Forward

  • Matt Bonner vs. Dirk Nowitzki

I wish Bonner didn't start - but I think he will. For better of worse, he's started for most of the season, and that's not likely to change now. Matt has to understand he's useless if he doesn't shoot, and that his defense alone isn't enough to keep him on the court. If he doesn't make his first two 3s, he should be benched immediately and Pop should have him massage JV's shoulders for the rest of the game. Nowitski will likely get his points tonight, but Gooden looked somewhat good defending him. Please, Pop, give it a shot.

Small Forward

  • Michael Finley vs. Josh Howard

Finley's shooting well. I hope we'll go to him more often if his great shooting streak continues. I can only hope Howard's ankle is still bothering him.

Everything else

  • Bench - Their bench isn't as good as it was in the last game (at least I hope so). Ours isn't that bad. Gooden deserves more minutes, Thomas should start instead of Bonner (maybe then he'd regain his form from not one month ago), and for FSM's sake, Pop, FREE GEORGE HILL! If there's one guy that can bother Barea and Terry, it's Hill. Bowen's effectiveness against Terry will probably result in solid minutes for the veteran.
  • Coach - I'm already tired of this argument. But Carlisle deserves some luv.
  • Intangibles - We have to win.
  • Mojo - Cuban still owns the Mavericks, right? Right, FSM?
  • Winners - Spurs.

Keys To The Game

  • Tony - We won't win if Tony can't throughly outplay Barea and Kidd. He can miss easy layups like he did in the first stretch of the game.
  • Rebounds - Defensive, in particular. Gooden and Thomas need to help more, and the wings have to contribute.
  • Urgency - I'll say this again: this game might very well be the season for us. How're the Spurs going to respond?

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Other things of possible interest

Game feeds

Check this game thead at gametime for specific links to good quality feeds. If you arrive late in the game, there game feed links are usually among the first 50 posts of the thread.
BitTorrent Davka (A torrent site where you will find most of the latest games in the league. Bookmark.)

Spurs audio feed - You can use it to replace a foreign feed's audio - simply pause to synchronize it.

Recap: Quick cap after the game, then Stampler will probably do his. We're so professional.

Hope is the word of the day.