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Well, that was our last blowout win of '09...

Playing a Warriors team missing their top four scorers (Monta Ellis, Stephen Jackson, Jamal Crawford and Corey Maggette), our Spurs curbstomped the punchless Dubs convincingly, 101-72 in a game that stopped being competitive about midway through the second period.

I like Anthony Randolph. He's a nice player, only 19 years old and with worlds of talent and potential. Not only did he show a smooth LaMarcus Aldridge-like jumper, but he had no problem collecting a boatload of rebounds despite having the figure of a 12-year old Korean girl. Still, when your best offensive option is isolating Randolph against the likes of Drew Gooden or Kurt Thomas 20 feet from the hoop and having him play, basically point-forward, you know your team is shorthanded. The Warriors had little going for them offensively beside he and C.J. Watson and it didn't help them any that my boy Kelenna Azuibuike decided to give us his best Antoine Walker impersonation.

As for the good guys, I'm not sure we could've played much better given the circumstances and I think they came out extra focused after the crapfest against the Kings the night before. Or maybe that's just some hokey cliche sportswriter thing to write. Maybe they just played better because the Warriors don't bother to guard the paint AND they had a decent night from the three. Who the heck knows?

What I do know is that we dominated the glass, had 15 offensive caroms and were treated a relatively spry showing from Mr. Duncan. Tony was Tony, with several lovely assists to himself before Pop mercy-pulled him, and our assorted cast of mediocrities didn't embarrass themselves too much against their Oakland counterparts. Combine all that with Don Nelson looking like he didn't want to be too late for a dinner reservation, and it was a stress-free night to be a Spurs fan.

Your 3 Stars...

3. George Hill - It came almost exclusively in garbage time against an awful, completely gutted lottery team, but Hill I think made a convincing case for more playing time, playing intensely yet in control. I don't know what more he can do to show he belongs on the floor more than Ime Udoka.

2. Bruce Bowen - Ditto for Bruce, who also was superb (as superb as a guy who has no offensive game whatsoever can be, anyway) in his 30 minutes, playing stifling D. Really anyone other than Udoka on the court would be nice.

1. Drew Gooden - 20 and 15 in 22 minutes? What a tease. Just when we're starting to like this guy, he'll be gone. The FO's gonna have some 'splainin to do.

One more regular season game left, and it's against one of those darn young athletic teams that seem to give us trouble, the Hornets. They're probably gonna take it all serious an' stuff. We most likely will not, knowing Pop. Let's see how the standings shake up between now and then.