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PtR Quick Cap: Spurs Play Terrible. Cheat. Beat Terrible Team.

FinDog hit a shot clock non-beating 3 with 1.3 seconds left to win the game 95-92.

We are terrible. We trailed the Kings almost the entire game.

We gave up 36 points in the second quarter, but only 31 in the second half. I don't really think it was our defensive intensity that shut them down. I think they just couldn't make open shots. Especially Beno. He was terrible.

Your three stars:

3. Romaju - 5-9 from long range for 22 points and he kicked in 5 rebounds.

2. Tony - 25, 9, and 5. Only 3 turnovers and hit a big pair of free throws to tie the game at 92.

1. Crazy Eyes - His work on the glass was HUGE. 13 rebounds, 9 offensive kept us in the game He also had a team-leading +16.