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PtR Quick Cap: Spurs vs Jazz

We got a much needed win against the Jazz tonight. This keeps us tied with the Rockets and Blazers, pending later games, for the 3 seed.

We weren't great tonight. The Jazz aren't a good road team and they showed it. They were sloppy. They shot the ball poorly for most of the first half. They looked off on their defensive rotations. We shot something like 70% for the first quarter and into the second, yet couldn't really extend the lead thanks to a plethora of turnovers that led to layups and dunks.

In the second half, the Jazz started a parade to the free throw line. They really abused us with their physicality in the paint. Not a good sign heading into the playoffs.

Your 3 stars:

3. Drew Gooden - He came up with a couple big buckets at the end and scored some nice buckets with the second team when our offense usually sputters.

2. Roger Dog - He had 14 points in the second half, including two big 3's early in the 4th with Tony and Tim on the bench. We needed that offense.

1. Tony - He was huge. Just huge. 31, 7, and 6 with just 2 turnovers.

HM: Both Tim and Ime had very solid games as well. Tough choices tonight.