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Game Thread #72: San Antonio Spurs Vs. Los Angeles Clippers

Soon to be photoshopped: the fishpuma
(Go here for more dogo pics you can shake a puma at.)

Sometimes I feel the odd need to add some pictures before the jump - because between you and me, this site looks pretty ugly. ATS is an all-business kind of bum (whoa), and Stampler has gone all serious/professional on us lately. It's like he wants us to read. In a blog, for FSM's sake!

Anyway, two games after losing close games to "a bunch of D-leagues plus Durant", "Yao, Scola, and short scrappy dudes" and "Assmunch who likes to pop his jersey, shooter boy and Bowen's lil' lady", we're back where we started: 1 game ahead of Houston, firmly holding in the second seed and with PTR relatively calm. Of course, there's a difference: Manu is active, and will play tonight. Suddenly, things aren't looking so bleak any more.

I'm adding a poll to know who we disrespect the most. I'm voting for the Mavs, because I want to see Cuban cry. Half-assed preview, after the jump:

EDIT: Tim Varner from 48 Minutes of Hell just told me Hairston is under contract through next season. Huh. See, we're supposed to actually do some research before typing away.

Game Time: 7:30 Spurs Time
9:30 pm Argentina
2:30 am Palestine, Egypt, 1:30 am CET
9:30 am Perth, Japan, 8:30 am Philippines
10:30 am Guam
8:30EDT, 6:30 MDT, 5:30PDT
TV: My 35
Officials: TBA

Tony Parker
Roger Mason
(Eeh, Pop?)
Tim Duncan
Oldie but
Kurt Thomas
Looks crazy
Michael Finley

Baron Davis
Eric Gordon
Still ugly
Marcus Camby
Zach Randolph
Is crazy
Al Thornton
Mr. Joke
images via
25-11 Home 10-26
22-13 Road 8-28
96.8 Offense 95.7
92.9 Defense 104.2
46.5 FG% 44.0
39.2 3-pt% 35.8
76.4 FT% 74.3
41.0 Rebounds 39.9
11.9 TOs 15.0
6-4 Last 10 3-7
W 2 Streak W 1

Lazy Breakdown

  • Point Guard - Tony Parker has been our MVP since the All-Star break, and he's playing better than anyone not called BronBron, Wade or Kobe at the moment. If it weren't for those infamous FTs, I could be falling in love with him. Baron Davis might be playing as Baron Davis - but then again, he might not.
  • Off Guard - If only we used Mason intelligently. He's not a Swiss army knife - he's a freaking shotgun. If Manu gets more minutes and he starts taking care of the ball, I can only expect the Spurs to improve. We depend on Mason's 3-point accuracy more than ever, now that Finley's going through his trademarked Cold Spell and Bonner has been Goodened into submission.
  • Center - I liked what I saw of Duncan the other day. I want him to play 20 minutes tonight, at the most. If Duncan plays like we all know he can, Camby can't stop him.
  • Power Forward - Zach Randolf said the other day that he was better than Bosh. No, seriously. This is the first time he'll play against the Spurs this season, and I imagine he doesn't know how well Mad Eye is playing. If Kurt's on him, I think Randolf won't be an issue.
  • Small Forward - I like Al. I expect him to shoot early and often, if the Clippers want to win this.
  • Bench - Manu's back? We might as well etch that dot in our column. Will we see anything from Hill and Gooden? Hopefully we'll get to witness the Manu/Gooden tandem, since they only have 12 more games to work the kinks out of their relationship.
  • Coach - Popwned!
  • Intangibles - When Manu got into the court the other day, the scrubs seemed to be more energetic. Or maybe that's just me and my wishful thinking. Regardless, I expect the
  • Mojo - I'm not sure. But then again, the Clippers reached 140 points the other day. You know who else scores 140 points from time to time? The Suns, that's who! Instant karmic gaffe right there, Clippers.
  • Winners - I think we might all collectively hit the panic button if we lose tonight. And we might all secede and form three different PTRs.

Keys To The Game

  • Hill - Parker can't play 48 minutes per game. Well, he could - but he shouldn't. It's high time for Pop to give the rookie another opportunity. Wasn't he Mr. 4th quarter not three games ago?
  • 3-pt % - We depend on our shooting from beyond the arc. You might not like it, but them's the facts, guys. I don't think it's a coincidence we shot like one-armed jelly-based aliens on our three losses, with Bonner, Mason and Finley shooting poorly from deep. Mason's back now, Finley's likely to turn his game around sooner or later, and Bonner can hopefully continue where he left off against the Hawks.
  • Fish - I think Hipuks won't be around, so I expect someone to find some pics of good-lookish fish and paste them on the thread at halftime - with their Latin scientific name, of course. We're not all hacks.
  • Lawler's Law - Hopefully we won't have the chance to test my theory. Regardless, I want us to get the Clippers feed tonight. I like those announcers.

Some other reading

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Other things of possible interest

Game feeds

Check this game thead at gametime for specific links to good quality feeds. If you arrive late in the game, there game feed links are usually among the first 50 posts of the thread.
BitTorrent Davka (A torrent site where you will find most of the latest games in the league. Bookmark.)

Recap: Stampler'll pop a recap on yer ass.

I heard that Radio Paradise prevents excommunication.


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