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I'm Finished.

This is Matthew. I'm leaving PtR.

Wayne (AusTechSpur) has agreed to take over, but we are still waiting for approval from the leadership at SBN. That should take less than a week. Until then I will stick around to enforce the community guidelines, but I will not be posting or commenting any more.

The "rules" of PtR will not become more lenient once ownership is transferred. I admittedly find some comfort in this, but it was not something I requested of Wayne. In fact, it was his idea.

I do not feel the need to compose a long, satisfying denouement to my time as a blogger. Suffice it to say that running a blog used to be fun for me; it's not any more. I have many other interests where my time would be better spent.

Though I don't foresee it happening, it's possible that I may return to sporadically write about the Spurs or the NBA, but it won't be here, and it won't be in this format.

Thanks to Michael for all his contributions to the site. You're one hell of a writer, and I hope you someday get the chance to do it for a living.

Thanks to LatinD for his help with the game threads. If you ever make to San Antonio let me know; dinner's on me.

Thanks to Wayne for holding it all together. You're a good man, and I'm glad I've gotten to know you.

Thanks to everyone who donated money to Michael last year.

Thanks to the PtR member who bought the "Manu: Simply Erotic" shirt and then posted a picture of himself wearing it at an NBA game. The thought of that still makes me smile.

Thanks to everyone who's read, commented and posted over the years.

And, lastly, thanks be to Manu.