Music thread

Sorry I didn't get around to posting this yesterday, but I'm here now.


As I told ya'll, this is the official music thread of PtR. After a hard day of close wins over the Wolves or heartbreaking losses to the thunder (wow), it's good to kick back and listen to some tunes. So why not share your tunes with the rest of the PtR community?


Here is where you may share your favorite bands or songs and any links to any music videos or performances you wish to share.


Top-25 bands

1. Demon Hunter

2. KRS-One

3. Atmosphere

4. Pantera

5. Metallica

6. Iron Maiden

7. Megadeth

8. Reign of Ash

9. Fort Minor

10. Killswitch Engage

11. Symphony X

12. Tarturis

13. As I Lay Dying

14. Fate

15. Heart

16. Muse

17. Droid

18. Run-DMC

19. Rise Against

20. Nelly

21. Dream Theater

22. Snoop Dogg

23. Kardinal Offishall

24. Tool

25. Ozzy Osbourne


Now let's get our respective grooves on to some good music.


A trend I'd also like to see on here is whenever you post a comment, post the following:

"listening to (insert song and/or band name here)"

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