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San Antonio Spurs vs Los Angeles Lakers - The Game Thread

Hipuks you thrill me!

Obama whoa
Latin's contribution to the preview. (The Lakers would be Darth Vader)

19 games to go. Spurs have to get in playoff form. Suddenly every game is more important, every mistake less torerable.The Lakers are a ruthless team, so good that yesterday they won without Lamar Odom. This game could either be a giant step forward, or a hilarious slip on a banana peel.

George Washington, one of our founding fathers, once said, "Let it be told to the future world … that in the depth of winter, when nothing but hope and virtue could survive…that the city and the country, alarmed at one common danger, came forth to meet (it)..." My point? The entire future of the United States depends on this game. The ball is on your court, Spurs.

Crapola preview after the jump:

Game Time: 7:00 Spurs Time, 11:00 pm Argentina
8:00 pm Western (How do you like them apples,ATS?)
TV:TNT, Home of the DUI
Officials: TBA

Tony Parker
He's french
Roger Mason
He shoots
Tim Duncan
He likes to think
Matt Bonner
He's goofy
Michael Finley
He's winning so far

Derek Fisher
He apparently owns a store

He likes to win
Pau Gasol
He has glass to trade
Lamar Odom
He needs motivation
Trevor Ariza
I got nothing
images via
23-8 Home 29-4
20-12 Road 22-9
97.6 Offense 108.4
93.4 Defense 100.5
46.6 FG% 47.6
39.4 3-pt% 36.3
77.0 FT% 77.1
41.0 Rebounds 44.3
11.5 TO's 13.2
6-4 Last 10 5-5
W 3 Streak W 1


  • Point Guard - Tony Parker is young and extremely fast, Derek Fisher is old. Old people are useless, therefore, Tony should make Fisher pay dearly for his mistake of growing old.
  • Off Guard - We can only hope Kobe has an off night...or that he's feeling trigger happy. When Kobe shoots a lot, the Lakers offense comes to a screeching halt. Mason needs to have at least 57 points for the Spurs to have a chance.
  • Center - Tim Duncan needs to give a 110%, think out of the box, go for the low hanging fruit, create a win-win situation and do something or another with synergy. Pau Gasol is as soft as a marshmallow, but he can score. He needs to be killed.
  • Power Forward - Pop needs to threaten Matt by saying if he doesn't have a good game, he can't eat Subway for a month, and he'll take away his Pontiac Grand Prix. If Lamar Odom has a good game, we're done. Therefore, we should question Odom's birth certificate and eligibility as President, wait that can't be right...
  • Small Forward - Finley needs to play the game of his remaining life, which isn't too long. Trevor Ariza...Hey, if you replace the "a" with an "o" and add "na", it spells Arizona! Cool.
  • Bench - We have Hill. He has long arms, makes pretty layups, and he's beautiful. They don't have Hill. We win.
  • Coach - The battle of the titans. Two of the best coaches in the game face off in a grueling game that may decide who's the next champion. Or maybe Pop tosses the towel in the first quarter. Either way, Pop has a better beard. Advantage pop.
  • Intangibles - We played a beautiful fourth quarter last game. If we can do this for every quarter, plus more, we could probably win.
  • Mojo
  • Winners - The FSM will decide. May we be touched by his noodly appendage.

Keys To The Game

  • Trickery - We need to tell Pau Gasol to wear three coats because the stadium is really cold. An old lady needs to convince him to push a shopping cart because it's too heavy for her. Someone should tie a dog to the shopping cart.The shopping cart should be full of cans. With his face, he will be mistaken for a homeless man and kicked out,a loss the Lakers will sorely miss.
  • Evidence - As Kobe walks into the stadium, an FBI agent should walk up to him and casually say,"The DNA matched, we are onto you".That will probably throw him off his game, or not.
  • Defense - We need to clone Bill Russell.

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Everytime you read about the Lakers, Osama Bin Laden smiles. Is that what you want?

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Game feeds

Check this game thead at gametime for specific links to good quality feeds. If you arrive late in the game, there game feed links are usually among the first 50 posts of the thread. In case SiMA logs in: The game is on TNT. Don't ask for feeds for like 10 minutes before realizing the game was on tv all along. You're welcome
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