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Game Thread #54: San Antonio Spurs vs. Portland Trail Blazers

"Back and to the left. Back - and to the left."

I always knew Tim and Manu were holding back this team. Now I have proof. What would we get for Manu and Tim in the trade market? Wade? LeBron? KG, Pierce and Allen? I say we do it, and now. Pull the trigger, and if they say we're past the trade deadline, then what-EVAH.

Tonight we face the Blazers. They're younger, more talented, and just want it more. Duncan's absence proves he's getting older by the minute, and KT isn't strong enough to defend the likes of Joel Przybilla and LaMarcus Aldridge. Our best player on the floor is Parker, and it took him four quarters to get 12 measly assists. When Blake can get 14 in one quarter. (Thanks, Dragline, for the insight.)

Time for prayers and harsh realism. The preview is after the jump, but I'll spoil the surprise ending: we're doomed!

Game Time: 7:30 Spurs Time, 11:30 am Argentina
3:30 am Egypt, 1:30 am CET
10:30 pm Perth, Japan, Philippines
11:30 pm Guam

TV: My35 HD
Officials: M. Callahan
T. Brothers
Z. Zarba

Tony Parker
1st quarter only
Roger Mason
4-pt airball
Kurt Thomas
No hops
Matt Bonner
Tries but fails
Michael Finley
The Franchise

Steve Blake
Brandon Roy
Brandon JORDAN
Joel Przybilla
LaMarcus Aldridge
Taller than Pops
Nicolas Batum
Nice smile
images via
19-7 Home 23-5
19-10 Road 12-16
97.6 Offense 99.2
95.2 Defense 93.7
46.4 FG% 46.3
39.3 3-pt% 38.2
77.1 FT% 75.9
40.9 Rebounds 41.3
12.2 TO's 13.1
7-3 Last 10 6-4
W 3 Streak L 1


Tony Parker had to battle through cramps, in both calves, to remain on the floor.
"That’s why I was missing all those layups," Parker said afterwards, clutching a bottle of a milky green liquid, "and that’s why I’m drinking my special drink right now. But I didn’t want to come out. I told Pop: ‘Just let me stay in and I’ll make things happen.'"

Milky green liquid = drugs. BANNED. So that explains his sudden crazy speed... Also, way to man up to your mistakes, Tony. "Cramps made me do it." Bah. You don't see Steve Blake making excuses.Why don't you stop making so many bad decisions in the 4th instead?

  • Off Guard - For every big three he's scored this season, he's missed 10. He takes ill-advised shots from halfcourt, can't make a simple layup and just doesn't look good in black. I miss Brent more and more every day.
  • Center - Duncan just hasn't been the same since that hurricane broke the Olympic pool near his home, but he's still about 100 better than KT. So is Joel.
  • Power Forward - Hey, Bonner, can you try to produce in two consecutive games? Please? And if you could make your FTs, that would be fine too. Inconsistent, short, and a poor defender, I guess we should be grateful that he produces at all.
  • Small Forward - As usual this season, it will be in Finley's capable hands to win this game. He's been an absolute beast off the dribble, and his passing has been crisp and sure. We need him to play point when Tony's finally benched, and just carry the team into victory. We're all behind you, Michael!
  • Bench - They have the always effervescent Frye, Outlaw, Fernández and Rodríguez. We have a bunch of nameless watered-down scrubs. The only way we can even think of matching them would be if Pop dropped a pair and put Hairston, Udoka, JV and Pops in. Defensively they might not be that great as the washed-out Hill, but the offensive outpouring could drown them. Let it rain!
  • Coach - Way to go, Pop. He benches players at the slightest hint of an injury, relegating us to the last few playoff spots and ruining our regular season record. Those games will come back and bit us in the ass... I wish we had Karl instead.
  • Intangibles - We're old, playing a SEGABABA. They're young, playing a SEGABABA. Bye bye Lenin.
  • Mojo - Manu and Duncan injured? Let's move on please.
  • Winners - First time this year I pick our opponents, but the evidence is unsurmountable. We're doomed, I tell you, doomed.

Keys To The Game

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